TOP TEN :: Best Comics Artists Ever :: #4 :: Paul Pope

September 20, 2007 at 1:48 pm By:

Paul Pope could best be described as the “rock star” of comics, at least that’s how I describe him. He most well known for his indy titles THB, Heavy Liquid and 100% and recently for Batman: Year 100, which was a more mainstream endeavor.

He fuses Eastern and Western influences into a style that is distinctively his own. His work is gritty and surreal often depicting a futuristic dystopia. The worlds he creates are both scary and beautiful. I love to travel along with the characters to see where the ride will take me. Usually it is a bumpy ride fraught with danger and excitement. Merely describing his work as “action-packed” would be selling it short: it does have a highly intellectual side. A discussion about Paul Pope’s work quickly turns into a conversation about philosophy and politics.

I highly recommend his art book Pulphope. It’s chock full of Popey goodness–he shows a wide range of his works. It even includes a few childhood drawings. Also, it includes essays written by Pope which provide insight into his work. But it is a little on the adult side. Let’s just say he likes to draw the ladies.


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