HEROESCON :: Paolo Rivera Added To Guest List!

December 6, 2007 at 4:16 pm By:

As Elton John would say, Holy Moses! Paolo Rivera is only one of the most up-and-coming-est painters in the comics industry now, with a ton of covers under his belt, as well as interior art for titles like Mythos: X-Men, Mythos Spider-Man, and the Spectacular Spider-Man pictured above! In checking out his site, it’s plain to see that he brings his A-game to his con sketches and commissions, so you original art types out there be sure and bring plenty of cheddar next year!

And there are still more announcements waiting in the wings! Next up is a big Indie Island update, as well as some TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME Indie Island news. But I can’t say anything yet…


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