INDIE ISLAND :: Let’s Class This Place UP!

January 4, 2008 at 9:04 pm By:

Not only is this year going to be–BY FAR–the biggest year ever for Indie Island, but definitely the most critically acclaimed. Well, at least our guests will be very critically acclaimed: just added to the Indie Island list is Picturebox, the cutting edge publisher of The Ganzfeld, Brian Chippendale’s Maggots (pictured), Powr Mastrs, and tons more. Not only that, but coming along with Picturebox publisher Dan Nadel is Frank Santoro, the creator of Storeyville and writer of Cold Heat! Which is not to sneeze at Mr Nadel’s not inconsiderable acclaim–besides editing the Ganzfeld and the recent Art Out Of Time book, Dan is also editing the forthcoming and highly-anticipated Gary Panter book set to come out this year! And with The Comics Reporter‘s Tom Spurgeon on hand to conduct some high-class discussions with these guys, this will be an extra special year for people with highbrow comics taste–like our own Andy Mansell, who has probably already wet his pants in excitement on reading this. BAD Andy!


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