HEROESCON 08 :: Todd Dezago and John Lucas!

January 11, 2008 at 4:01 pm By:

That’s right! Perhapanauts and Tellos writer Todd Dezago, and “Joltin'” John Lucas, inker on titles including Civil War: Frontline, have just been added to the HeroesCon 2008 Guest List. These guys both can be filed in the “What? They’re not already on the list?” section of blog posts, as they’re perennial guests of the convention, and two of our very favorite guests. But this is not to minimalize their importance! Besides Perhapanauts (co-created and drawn by fellow guest Craig Rousseau) and Tellos (co-created and drawn by the late great Mike Wieringo), Todd’s also written some other books you might have heard of, including Sensational Spider-Man, Impulse, and Young Justice. Plus he’s a pretty sweet dude, although don’t tell him I said that. It would throw our love-hate relationship all out of skew.

“Joltin'” John, while perhaps more “joltin”, is no less a gentleman. I think this might be his fourth straight HeroesCon, and each year he’s a little more famous–I can’t for the life of me figure out why he’s not swimming in pencilling gigs. While he’s a pretty fantastic inker, his overall cartooning skills blow his inking away. If you miss the chance to pick up one of his gorgeous originals this summer, you can probably catch him in the hotel bar, if you really want to welcome him back to Charlotte!


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