HEROESCON :: Guest List Update!

January 18, 2008 at 1:00 pm By:

Whoa! We talk a lot about how great this year’s Heroes Convention is going to be–and it is, believe me–and if you need proof, has anyone noticed that we’ve been posting on average two to three times a week with guest list updates? Maybe this isn’t very remarkable for the convention you work for, but this will be my THIRTEENTH HeroesCon as a member of the staff, and it’s pretty remarkable to me. And I say that looking at my calendar for next week, knowing that I still haven’t announced FOUR MORE people, which number will certainly grow over the weekend.

But enough about me: today I’m pleased to announce the addition of Jonathan Hickman, Tom Scioli, and Val Staples to the guest-list. Jonathan is the creator of The Nightly News and Pax Romana from Image, as well as the forthcoming Transhuman. Tom is the artist of the hit book Godland (with writer Joe Casey), as well as his own Myth of Opus-8. And Val Staples is, among many other things, the colorist of books including X-Men: First Class and Black Panther. I believe that all three are making their first official appearances at HeroesCon, although I believe Jonathan has been before unofficially. That guy! More big updates next week! Stay tuned!


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