INDIE ISLAND :: Cotter, Malki, Ralph, Renier!

January 22, 2008 at 5:45 pm By:

Yes ma’am! Just added to the Indie Island Guest List, in alphabetical order, are:

JOSH COTTER! This curly-headed dreamboat likes to booze up and fight! His just-completed–and endlessly reviewed–series Skyscrapers of the Midwest should be out in a fancy-dan hardcover format in time for HeroesCon! Strong points include a low center of gravity; weak points include poor eyesight and bad knees.

DAVID MALKI! This maven of the ephemeral and digital world of web cartoons is the author of the Wondermark strip, which combines things like giant tricycles and corseted women with jokes about hot flashes and iPhones!

BRIAN RALPH! Honored eccentric uncle of the DIY scene, hilarious interviewee, and author of Daybreak and Cave-In; Brian also did this strip as guest blogger on the First Second site, which makes me giggle just linking to it.

AARON RENIER! Author of Spiral Bound from Top Shelf and the forthcoming The Unsinkable Walker Bean; also in my opinion comics’ best chance for another Jeff Smith-level talent. Mark my words–this guy is going to be huge one day!

Okay! Also another big confirmation on the way, plus look for a GIANT awesome announcement coming next week. I don’t want to say too much, but I will say: wouldn’t it be cool if there were an Indie Island t-shirt? Or two? Plus more regular Guest List updates this week! Holy moley!


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