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Great Horny Toads! This is one of our biggest updates yet, and there are still 3 or 4 names waiting in the wings I can’t announce yet. Crazy! There are so many of them that I’m just going to jump in, so hold on tight: the following six (!) names have just been added to the HeroesCon 08 Guest List:

MICHAEL LARK! We’ve been trying to get this guy forever, and at long last the stars have correctly aligned themselves! While you probably know him best from his work on Daredevil and Captain America, he’s also the guy who drew the incredibly well-liked but tragically underselling Gotham Central, not to mention the old Terminal City series (x2) way back in the last century! I’ve never met Michael, but I’ve heard a LOT from other artists and fans about what a sweet guy he is, so he should be a perfect match for HeroesCon!

ERIK LARSEN! The publisher and co-founder of Image Comics, and creator of Savage Dragon, returns for (I think) his third straight HeroesCon! Erik has turned into one of our most popular guests, not only because of his long history in comics, from his heady days at Marvel to his current helming of Image; but maybe moreso just because people like talking to him. Giggles galore from the Image booth when Erik’s in the house. Or hizzy, if you prefer.

RYAN OTTLEY! What? Not satisfied with getting Robert Kirkman to his first HeroesCon, we decided to drive Invincible fans berserk and score the artist Ryan Ottley to boot! Ryan is a super artist–check out his blog to see what looks like a dizzying creative output; not just his work on comics, either, but apparently he’s a relentless sketcher, with tons of pretty funny stuff up there.

RAFAEL KAYANAN! From his work as an illustrator on the Spider-Man Broadway show to comics work including Conan and Star Wars, plus upcoming work for Devil’s Due on a comics adaptation of R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt character, Rafael is a busy man. But not too busy to meet you!

JOHANNA DRAPER-CARLSON! Johanna’s long been a friend of ours, and runs the excellent–and monstrously profific–Comics Worth Reading blog. If you haven’t read it before, it’s a pretty refreshingly ecumenical blog, covering mainstream and indie stuff, and a TON of manga. She’ll be accompanied by her husband and former Legion of Super-Heroes editor KC CARLSON, but he comes mainly just to hang out and have a good time, so you’ll have to bring Columbo with you to find him. “Ah, pardon me, Mr Carlson…” That was my Columbo impersonation. Good, no?


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