HEROESCON TICKETS :: Will Soon Rise In Price!

December 3, 2008 at 4:10 pm By:

With all the talk about this weekend’s sale, I wanted to point out another great deal this holiday season: until December 31, advance tickets to HeroesCon 2009 are $25 apiece. After something like 20 years of not raising our prices, we finally had to after the 2008 show (one of our biggest ever). Advance 3-day passes (the only kind of advance ticket available) for HeroesCon 09 are priced at $30 apiece. But convention owner Shelton Drum is a great big softie, and he decided to offer an inbetween rate of $25 until the end of the year. Tons of people have already purchased their tickets, but we suspect that with all the other news going on in the world, this bit of news might have slipped your mind.

So! Ways for you to purchase your tickets include:

1) Call us at 704.375.7462 during business hours (10-9 Mon-Sat, 1-6 Sun, EST) with a credit card, and we’ll take care of you right over the phone.

2) Download the ticket form, fill it out, and fax it to us 704.375.7464. Remember to include all that charge info.

3) Download the ticket form, fill it out, and mail it to
PO BOX 9181

There you go! For more info, just go to the Tickets page on our website!


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