REVIEW :: A Goodbye To Geoff

March 4, 2009 at 12:21 pm By:

by Carlton Hargro

Reading the Justice Society of America these days makes me sad.

I’m not sad because the comic (which stars the world’s first superhero team) is awful or anything, but because — as the issues tick away — Geoff Johns’ time as writer on the book is quickly coming to a close.

Johns is known as a comic genius right abuot now, especially when it comes to DC comics. He successfully revitalized Green Lantern, made Action Comics worth reading and soon we’ll see him work his magic (again) on The Flash. But the series that made him a superstar was the JSA.

Before Johns, no writer seemed able to make the JSA a viable property. I guess creators looked at these elder super dudes with cheesy costumes, corny names and sometimes lame powers and saw no redeemable value in this team of heroes. Johns, however, shoveled past the wack elements of the characters and discovered what makes them unique and interesting in the first place. I mean, anyone who can make a guy in a furry cat suit cool has got to be a genius.

Keep in mind, when Johns relaunched the JSA there were two other writers working on the book — David Goyer and James Robinson. But it didn’t take long for Johns to prove that he understood how to mix the right amounts of nostalgia, drama and up-to-date whiz bangs on his own.

Soon two new writers will take over JSA and I will give them a chance because I love these heroes. But I’ll miss ya’ Johns. You did the old boys good.


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