HEROESCON 2010 :: June 4-6, 2010!!



At long last we have officially set our dates for Heroes Convention 2010: JUNE 4-6, 2010. From some of the behind-the-scenes goings-0n, HeroesCon 2010 looks like it’s going to be the biggest HeroesCon ever, which is saying something if you’ve ever been to one!

This is great news for us, as we had a terrible time trying to find a weekend that the Charlotte Convention Center was available, and that was also not taken up by another convention! As it turns out the only available date was already taken by our buddies at the Florida Supercon–fortunately for us, they very VERY kindly offered to move their dates so that exhibitors and fans could enjoy TWO great conventions instead of just one! This is a hugely gracious act on their part, and believe me when I say we’re grateful and impressed by it. Check out what they’ve already got line up for their show, going on Father’s Day weekend next year–they’re in high gear!

And we’re moving into high gear as well–look for more big announcements as we get confirmation on them, INCLUDING HeroesCon hotel rates! What?? Yes yes my damies, all lights are green for us this year! More soon!


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