HEROESCON :: 12 Gauge Unloads All 5 Barrels: Mick Foley, Rebekah Isaacs, and More

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Yessirree, this year 12 Gauge Comics is coming loaded for BEAR! Making his first ever trip to HeroesCon this year is former WWE, WCW, and TNA wrestling champeen Mick Foley, aka “Mankind,” aka “Cactus Jack,” aka “Dude Love” (my personal favorite). He’s also the author of a few New York Times bestselling memoirs. But you might be thinking–“hey–HeroesCon doesn’t usually have media-type guests, what’s the dealio?” Well rest easy friends: Mick will be announcing a brand new comic he’s writing for 12 Gauge at the show! The details are shrouded in mystery, but Mick will be writing it, and it looks suspiciously like Brian Stelfreeze will be doing covers. Looks like 12 Gauge is going for a repeat of the uber-swamped Rosario Dawson appearances of 2007 and 2008! Mick will only be appearing on Saturday, as he has wrestling engagements on Friday and Sunday (what a life!)…

But there all three days will be Rebekah Isaacs, who is the artist on the new DV8 relaunch from Wildstorm, penned by Brian Wood! Rebekah has also worked previously on Ms Marvel, Hack/Slash, and Drafted, but odds are she’ll be at the 12 Gauge booth talking about her upcoming creator-owned book Magus, written by Jon Price and David Norton, who will both be appearing with her. Whoa nellie!

And rounding up (alphabetically) this update is Rico Renzi, who actually confirmed months ago but who I just now remembered to add. Poor guy, but a patient guy too (fortunately). Rico is a colorist par excellence, recently coloring on Stumptown, Prelude to Deadpool Corps (over Dave Johnson art), the upcoming from 12 Gauge Loose Ends, and Perhapanauts. He’s also as giggly as a closet full of Tele-Tubbies. Love that dude.

Okay, still more to come! Plus two big chunks of news hopefully later this evening!


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