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Heroes is busy with announcements this month! I guess we are making up for lost time due to HeroesCon. So away we go!

Jenny Bement helped us last year around convention time as an intern and we liked her so much we decided to hire her! She has been working for us for several months now and was an immense help with all of the build up to HeroesCon. If you came to the convention you may remember her as one of the many friendly faces at Pre-Registration. You may also recognize her as a barista at Starbucks where she works her magic with the coffee. She plans on regularly contributing to our blog so she can show off her fancy English degree. So everyone welcome Jenny to the team if you haven’t already done so!

And our newest hire is Justin Crouse. He also works at Lupie’s, which is one of our favorite restaurants. Monday is meatloaf night! You should get that some mashed potatoes and gravy, mac and cheese and finish it off with some banana pudding. Delicious! Justin was a volunteer at HeroesCon this year helping with the info booth and at the store and he impressed us with his hard work and enthusiasm. He helps us to process comics on new comics day, which is usually Wednesday.  So pick up your books on Wednesday and say “hi” and find out more about Justin!


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