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It has been a rather exciting and busy year for us at the Heroes Discussion Group. At our Annual Stock-Holders meeting at Heroes HQ in the Cayman Islands, we agreed that wanted to end this banner year by giving ourselves a well-deserved Christmas present. And what could be a better treat than to sit down and discuss the single most popular and┬ábeloved┬ácomic book series in the history of the four-color art form? None other than the world famous Belgian boy reporter–Tintin by the famed cartoonist extraordinaire Herge.

With the three mega-movies on the horizon, the┬áTintin┬ájuggernaut will finally conquer the American audience. ┬áWe want to make sure we sit down and examine and appreciate this seminal series before the civilians (you know who they are– some of us even live with some of them!) get their mitts on it. But which of the 7 volumes to tackle?? Believe me, any would have filled the bill nicely. Our fearful leader Shawn decided to run a poll to let Heroesdom Discussioneers vote for which volume to spotlight. With over half of the vote, the clear cut winner is Adventures of Tintin┬áVolume 1 – which contains Tintin in America, Cigars of the Pharaoh and The Blue Lotus.

Please plan to join us in the back of the store on Saturday Afternoon, December 18 from noon to 2 pm for the Tintin Discussion Group!

Issues we hope to discuss will include:

Why the first 3 books?

Is this the desire/compulsion of most (if not all) comic readers for completion and continuity?

The art and storytelling in Tintin — what makes Herge‘s┬áoeuvre┬áthe Primer for much of the past century’s Comics Literature.

How do we handle the near century old anachronisms and era (in)appropriate racial stereotyping?

What is the continuing appeal of the Tintin comic?

Why has the series escaped such mega-stardom in America while it is the single best selling comic of all time throughout the rest of the world?

How does Tintin remain as popular with young female comic readers without any sort of lead female character?

Most importantly:

Are the Thompson Twins actually related to one another


Can Snowy really speak?

The mind reels!!!!

So give yourself a well-deserved break from shopping, cleaning, cooking, eating and the general feeling of Holiday Stress and join us for an entertaining two hour oasis. We will meet in the back of the store on Saturday afternoon December 18th at noon. We will most likely head across the street to one of the local watering holes– Hey, this is a celebration for Rao’s sake.

The Tintin 3-in-1 volumes are available from Heroes for a low, low $18.99. ┬áDon’t forget the Heroes Discussion Group 10% Discount which is available on Volume 1 provided you remember to mention it at check-out. For those of you who have not read any of the Tintin adventures– you will be clamoring to read the following adventures as well. ┬áAnd all of these volumes make superb Holiday presents. ┬áThis is not me shilling for Heroes, I am just stating a fact of Comic book life.

See you there!


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