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For the sake of reminding you all one more time, don’t forget that new books ship on Thursday this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

1) Shadowland #5

Marvel‘s Daredevil-centric mini series comes to a close with this issue.  The “street-level” heroes team up to take down Daredevil as he attempts to take control of Hell’s Kitchen and all of New York City. Andy Diggle and Billy Tan have told an action-packed story and this issue will surely prove to be even more exciting than its predecessors, especially with Daredevil’s life at stake. Shadowland has featured a wide cast of characters from Daredevil’s long history including Elektra and Typhoid Mary. It will be interesting to see how all of these characters will tie into what could possibly be Matt Murdock’s final chapter. Also worth checking out is Daredevil #512, which is not only a tie-in to Shadowland, but Matt Murdock’s final appearance in the Man Without Fear before the Black Panther takes over the title.

2) Strange Science Fantasy #6

Scott Morse‘s nostalgic series ends with this week’s issue.  With nods to 50’s and 60’s era B-movies, monster movies and car culture, this has been one of most consistently enjoyable mini series of the year.  Morse’s energetic art seems to move at an even quicker pace than usual thanks to the storyboard-like layouts throughout the book. This issue is a nod to Indiana Jones and other adventure stories and it ties together all the previous stories. Also, all issues of Strange Science Fantasy feature an all-new, one-page story by the incomparable Paul Pope. Here’s hoping that Morse gives us more series like this one.

3) Wolverine: The Best There Is #1

Charlie Huston and Jose Juan Ryp are the latest creators to take a stab at Wolverine in this new ongoing series.  Immediately out of the gate, the creators introduce a new villain named Contagion into Wolverine’s rogues gallery who is defended by a  whole team of villains called The Unkillables.  Huston and Ryp intend on telling more dark, violent and fantastical stories about Wolverine and hopefully in the process make him more human and more vulnerable. They want to simultaneously go back to a time when Wolverine wasn’t as powerful and yet move forward into new and different directions. What is most exciting about this book is the villains that they are unearthing from Marvel’s vaults. Huston recently told CBR about his plans to bring some obscure Marvel characters to light.

4) Heroes for Hire #1

At least once every five years or so Marvel brings back the classic Heroes for Hire concept.  This time around it’s spearheaded by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, two writers who are probably more renowned for their space-faring tales.  Artist Brad Walker illustrates this new title, and previously worked with Abnett and Lanning on Guardians of the Galaxy. The new series focuses on the post-Shadowland Marvel universe, and features a rotating cast of characters like Misty Knight, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Falcon, Paladin, Elektra, and Moon Knight. The first issue starts as the Falcon and Black Widow accept a call from Control to be Heroes for Hire.

5) Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers #1

Boom! Studios looks to add another hit to their great line of all ages titles.  Darkwing Duck scribe Ian Brill is on board to write this new series which features art by Marvel’s Super Hero Squad‘s Leonel Castellani.  For those who aren’t aware of these characters, they were, along with Darkwing Duck, part of Disney’s late 80’s and early 90’s string of new animated series.  Combining older Disney properties like Chip and Dale with newer characters like Monterey Jack and Gadget, this series owed much to 80’s adventure films like Indiana Jones.

> Bonus Picks of the Week: Rasl #9, Baltimore: the Plague Ships #5, American Vampire #9, Planetary TP vol. 4, Generation Hope #2, and Taskmaster #4


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