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Are you ready for even more additions to the HeroesCon 2011 Guest List? We are churning out guest list adds like they are going out of style! We haven’t even made it to 2011 yet and already our guest list is jam-packed with awesome guests and we keep adding more and more. I don’t know about you but I think that HeroesCon 2011 can’t get here soon enough!

The BPRD brain trust will be in attendance as John Arcudi joins Mike Mignola and Guy Davis on the HeroesCon 2011 Guest List, and we couldn’t be happier!  Arcudi has been a mainstay at Dark Horse since the late 80s and has worked on such popular titles as The Mask, Barb Wire and The Machine. His recent work includes the Superman story in Wednesday Comics and the original graphic novel A God Somewhere.

Richard Case is a well-known penciller and inker who has worked on Vertigo titles such as Doom Patrol, Ghostdancing, Shade The Changing Man and Hunter: The Age of Magic. According to his blog he hasn’t missed a HeroesCon since 1989, which is incredible! We are happy to welcome Case back for another year and help him keep that streak going!

HeadHunta’ Studios had a huge presence this past HeroesCon and it looks like they want to step it up even more for 2011. CBR did a really nice write up about them coming to HeroesCon last year. You can read that article here. Members Chuck Collins, Derrick Fish, John Floyd, Austin Janowsky, Nathan Massengill, Keith Miller and Chris Walker join the already announced Koi Turnbull. They are all ready to represent the Atlanta, GA based studio collective. Be sure to check  them out to see the awesome projects they are working on!

Jamal Igle has run the gamut by working for numerous companies in the comics, toys, gaming, film and television industries. Currently he is an exclusive artist for DC Comics and has worked on such fan-favorite titles as Supergirl, Nightwing, 52 and Superman: War of the Supermen.

Mark McHaley began his career when he was just 19 years old and since then he has illustrated for countless companies. Recently has done a wide array of sketch cards including DC Universe: Legacy, Indiana Jones: Heritage, Star Wars Galaxy 5 and Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces II. Check out some of the many galleries he has created to showcase his artwork!

Bob McLeod has been the artist on some of the biggest and best titles in comics! His career highlights include Conan the Barbarian, Star Wars and Hulk. He also had a long run on Action Comics in the 90s and did the art for the Kraven’s Last Hunt storyline in the Spider-Man titles. He is most famous for co-creating the New Mutants, along with Chris Claremont. Also, he was the editor of Rough Stuff, a magazine released through TwoMorrows Publishing. Most recently he has done a number of children’s books. McLeod is a versatile and talented artist!

Michael Watkins is the founder and owner of Highburn Studios but you may also know him from his art on Sonic The Hedgehog, Femme Noir or his creator owned title, Guardians. In addition to his comic work he designs fabric for Solid Stone Fabrics.

Skottie Young had to cancel at the last minute this past HeroesCon so we are doubly excited to have him confirmed for next year! You may remember seeing his artwork on our badges at HeroesCon 2010. We also used that artwork on our Holiday Sale fliers because we loved it so much! You can currently see Young’s distinctive work on countless covers and in the interiors of Ozma of Oz which is the third Oz mini-series that he has worked on with writer Eric Shanower. The first Oz series, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, won two 2010 Eisner Awards: Best Limited Series or Story Arc and Best Publication for Kids. We are super excited to have him as a guest next year!

Phew! Thanks for sticking around till the very end! It is an exciting time at Heroes and we have got lots of announcements and news coming your way so you better keep it tuned to the Heroes blog!


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