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Once again, Happy Holidays to all of our loyal customers and supporters!  There would be no Heroes without all of you, and we’re happy to be a part of your comic experience.  Here are some standout titles released this week.

1) Batman Incorporated #2

Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette continue their worldwide Batman title in this second issue.  Why pick it up?  Simply put, Morrison has found a way to return Batman to his detective roots while increasing the characters international presence.  This opens the door for numerous possible story lines and new characters in a way that shouldn’t take away from the detective element.

2) Guild: Vork one shot

Felicia Day‘s Guild returns to Dark Horse with this first of five upcoming one shots.  The initial series sold well and received some critical acclaim.  This one shot stands out because it’s co-written by Day and Vork actor Jeff Lewis and is illustrated by Darick Robertson, who always manages to bring a few fans to whatever project he’s working on.

3) Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special

The popular orange ringbearer from the Blackest Night series gets his very own holiday special this week.  As the orange ring represents avarice, it’s not a stretch to imagine why Larfleeze would want to steal Christmas.  Calamity will understandably ensue.  This special issue is brought to you by Geoff Johns and Brett Booth.  Come enjoy the final Blackest Night-related issue of 2010!

4) Fantastic Four #586

Here’s your final chance to see the Fantastic Four all together one last time before one of them dies!  Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting have been steadily building to this major alteration of the title for several months, and it’s a good bet these issues will be increasingly hard to find over the next few months.  Grab it while you can if you’re a longtime FF fan or want to get in on the ground floor of this Marvel-altering event.

5) Archie #616

Political fans should take note of this issue as President Obama and Sarah Palin both make trips to Riverdale in this week’s issue.  We all remember how the Obama appearance in Amazing Spider-man sold, so collector’s should be lining up for this one as well.

> Bonus picks of the week:  Green Lantern Corps #55, Superior #3, Ultimate Comics Doom #1, Secret Avengers #8, Jeffrey Jones HC A Life in Art, and Peter and Max TP a Fables Novel


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