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The Heroes blog is usually a place where we share good news with you guys but today’s news is a bit of a downer. With a guest list as big as our 2011 one, there are bound to be some cancellations. Unfortunately Mike Mignola and Mike Perkins will be unable to attend HeroesCon 2011. We will miss both of these guys but they have already promised to join us for HeroesCon 2012. Look for those 2012 dates to be announced right here very soon! We’ll start a list of these and any future cancellations on our Guest List page, at the bottom of the Recent Additions area at the right of the list. We have several exciting guest announcements yet to come, so stay tuned to our blog for all the big news!

We’d also like to mention HeroesCon 2011 tickets are now available through our site here. As always, you can also purchase tickets at the store or via telephone at 704-375-7462. This year is shaping up to be one of our best shows ever and we hope you will be able to join us!


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