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While last week marked the release of DC’s flagship relaunch title Justice League, there are lots of rebooted titles hitting the stands this week.  While I’d like to list them all, there’s limited space here so I’d remind you to refer to our new releases page here for our complete listing.

1) Action Comics #1

Grant Morrison and Rags Morales are the creators who will be bringing us stories of a young Superman.  With an emphasis on the character’s blue collar roots, the book has potential to offer some interesting twists on the Superman mythos.  If you read All Star Superman you know Morrison has a deep respect and understanding of the Man of Steel.  If DC made the decision to relaunch Action Comics, whether you agree with that or not, at least we can take solace knowing they got Morrison to start it over.

2) Casanova: Avaritia#1

Brand new Casanova stories start this week from Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba, Cris Peter and Heroes alum Dustin Harbin.  Fans have been waiting for new Casanova stories for a while, and Fraction and Co. are delivering 32 pages of story in the new issues.  This is one of those multi-layered books that seems to tie together several disparate elements and tie them together in one cohesive and entertaining way.  This is Fraction at his best and most inventive, and you should read this book if you haven’t yet.

3) Animal Man #1

As I mentioned earlier there are plenty of new DC #1 issues this week. So why talk about Animal Man?  Something tells me that 6 months from now when we look back at the relaunch, this might be one of the standout books.  Jeff Lemire is writing this book, and while his previous superhero writing efforts have been popular, I don’t think he’s really found a property he didn’t create that showcases his writing talent.  Teaming up with Travel Foreman on this project might offer him that opportunity.  The interesting thing about this book is that it seems to be a superhero story, a story about a family, and a horror story all rolled into one.  This is definitely one to consider regardless of how little or much you know about Animal Man.

4) Swamp Thing #1

From what I’ve read, Swamp Thing has long been a dream project of writer Scott Snyder.  With critically acclaimed work on American Vampire and Detective Comics, Snyder has shown he can write a wide range of subject matter.  If his take on Batman was so well done, what might he do with a character like Swamp Thing?  Yanick Paquette is illustrating, and while I was a bit skeptical about his involvement in this project, he too apparently has been a longtime fan of this character.  So you have two creators who have a great love for the history of a character coming together to work on the next chapter of that character.  That leads me to believe this will be a solid book.

5) Men of War #1

The new Sgt. Rock title offers one of the more interesting premises of any of the new DC books.  Focusing on the grandson of the original, this series will not only attempt to tell stories of modern warfare, but the fact that these soldiers operate in the same DC universe where costumed heroes and villians reside offers some interesting new potential.  Ivan Brandon and Tom Derenick helm this story, and many people really believe that this is the book Brandon has been waiting to write for a long time.  This one should be worth a read.

> Bonus Picks of the Week: Batgirl #1, Detective Comics #1, Mega Man TP vol. 1, New Avengers Annual #1, Big Questions TP, Static Shock #1, and Jacques Tardi’s Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot HC.



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