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Happy New Year to all of our customers and readers from all of us at Heroes!  We wish you all happiness and success in 2012.  There’s a nice variety of new titles hitting stands this week, and here’s just a few to consider in your shopping.

1) Fatale #1

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have spent the last few years turning out some of the industry’s best crime comics.  With Criminal and Incognito the duo have proven themselves the go-to creative team for all things noir.  Their new book Fatale continues to add to their crime catalogue, but also features some decidedly Lovecraftian horror elements.  How exactly mobsters and monsters will work in the same series is just one of the many reasons to give this book a try.

2) Wolverine and the X-men: Alpha and Omega #1

If you’ve been enjoying Wolverine and the X-men, this first of five issues delves further into the relationship between Headmaster Wolverine and his most troublesome student, Quentin Quire.  Aside from this being a miniseries that makes sense, fans will want to be aware that this issue marks writer Brian Wood’s return to Marvel after several years working at Vertigo.  Also on hand are talented artists like Roland Boschi and HeroesCon staple Mark Brooks.

3) Mudman #2

Paul Grist is one of those cartoonists who not only impresses with his keen sense of visual storytelling, but also with his fine writing.  Mudman is his latest original story, and is the another example of his fine comics work.  His previous work on Kane focused more on the crime genre, and Jack Staff, while a variation on the superhero genre, was also a love letter to pulp and adventure stories.  Mudman is firmly grounded in the bizarre origin, costume-wearing superhero, and is as entertaining as one might expect from this talented creator.

4) Goon #37

Eric Powell returns with another issue of his inimitable supernatural romp.  Among other things, this issue features a girdle factory fire, an out of control taco cart, and a monstrous union buster.  In a story that may be as subversively relevant as it is entertaining, Powell gives us yet another example of why he’s a favorite of so many readers and fellow creators.

5) Keep Our Secrets Board Book

This latest children’s book from respected cartoonist Jordan Crane tells the tale of two kids wandering around their house and finding all sorts of things they’d never seen before.  Young readers will love the book’s color changing, heat sensitive ink, which allows them to find hidden images just by rubbing the ink.  Like his earlier book The Clouds Above, plenty of adult readers will also enjoy Crane’s imaginative storytelling and artistry.

6) Annotated Sandman HC vol. 1

Ever want to read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman but felt intimidated by the endless amounts of references it contains?  You’re not alone, and even if you have read the book its density is more than a little much to take at times.  The Annotated Sandman contains the first twenty issues of the acclaimed series and is a panel by panel examination of the numerous historical and literary references within the book.  Not only do you get to read the comics themselves, but you get to see a detailed analysis of Gaiman’s multilayered approach to storytelling.

> Bonus Picks of the Week: Fear Itself HC, Peanuts #1, Animal Man #5, Avengers: X-sanction #2, Defenders #2, Swamp Thing #5, B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth vol. 2: Gods and Monsters.


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