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Just a Planetar-reminder that the Heroes Discussion Group will meet this Saturday January 7th at 1:00pm to discuss Planetary— Warren Ellis and John Cassaday’s magnum opus of superhero archetypes and the team that investigates them.

As usual there are a myriad of topics to discuss, the two that come to mind first are:

Why make villains out of the 4? What does it say about–well, everything?


How much of the narrative is serious storytelling and how much is a self-parody?  And does it really matter?

I’d also like to discuss colorista extraordinaire and Heroescon regular Laura Martin and how her contributions affect the story-telling.

So remember, bring an open-mind and your sweet-tooth (if we end up at the bakery).

And as usual: All of the Planetary volumes including the enormous, beautiful omnibusseses  are available from Heroes with the 10% Discussion Group Discount.  As usual, be sure to mention the discount to your clerk as they are ringing up your order.


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