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Welcome back to another edition of Looking Ahead! This month, we’re highlighting some of the books available in April. If you see any books here on or in this month’s Previews that look like they’re for you, be sure to get your orders into the store or by email on or before February 18.

Avengers vs. X-men #1– Marvel’s latest event launches in a big way pitting two groups of normally good guys against each other.  Based on previews of this series, it appears that the return of the Phoenix and the differing views of the two groups triggers this face-off between former allies.  Marvel has assembled a huge team of talent on this event with writers Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, and Matt Fraction and artists Adam Kubert, Olivier Coipel, and John Romita, Jr. Bendis and Romita, Jr. kick off issue #1 of the event. (back cover of main Previews and pages 1-4 of Marvel Previews)

Popeye #1– Popeye is back and brought to us by writer Roger Langridge and artist Bruce Ozella in this four issue mini-series. The spinach chomping Sailor Man is back in new comics after some time away. Langridge’s humor combines with the on point art of Ozella work together to capture the spirit of the original. If you can’t get enough of Langridge (and who can?), April also holds the first trade paperback of Snarked as well as the series’ 7th issue. (Popeye is on page 159 and Snarked is on page 266)

The Wonderland Alphabet: Alice’s Adventures Through the ABC’s and What She Found ThereJanet K. Lee from Return of the Dapper Men brings an oversized poster board book to the shelves featuring her take on the classic tale of Alice. This beautiful all ages art book is a steal at only $17.95. (page 241)

The Shadow #1– The Shadow returns to comics under the writing of Garth Ennis and the art of Aaron Campbell. The story is set in the late 1930’s and moves from New York City to Shanghai.  Ennis is known for writing violent, devious characters, but he also spent a lot of time researching outside of the previous comic stories to portray an accurate pre-World War II setting in Japanese occupied China.  (pages 271-274)

Star Wars: Blood Ties- Boba Fett is Dead #1– Dark Horse brings a new mini-series in April focusing on popular villain, Boba Fett and the reaction of the galaxy to his death.  Soon the members of the team that took down Fett find themselves to be targets of an unknown assassin (s).  Written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Chris Scalf, the story also includes Connor Freeman, the son of one of Jango Fett’s clones.  (pages 32-33)

Groo vs. Conan #1– It’s the battle of the barbarians when Groo and Conan meet up in this four part series by writer Mark Evanier and artists Sergio Aragones and Thomas Yeates.  What will happen when the goofy and loveable Groo encounters the serious and deadly Conan? Add Groo vs. Conan to your reserve bag and find out! Even better, meet and discuss this latest Groo story with Sergio himself at this year’s Heroes Con! (page 60)

Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 1 Premiere Hardcover– If you haven’t been reading this series by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo, now’s your chance to catch up on issues 1-4 in one awesome chunk!  Headmaster Wolverine is now in charge of the next generation of mutants with help from Headmistress Kitty Pryde, and teachers like Beast and Iceman.  You read that right.  Everyone’s favorite cigar-chomping, whiskey-drinking, be-clawed curmudgeon is in charge of a bunch of smart mouthed, quiky super powered teenagers.  If the teens weren’t enough trouble, the new school is infested with impish Bamfs (tiny, awesome Nightcrawling creatures).  If you love a good dash of humor and fun in your comics, this collection is for you. (page 91 of Marvel Previews)

Bonus Picks: Several of DC’s new 52 titles arrive in hardcover and trade paperback formats.  Among those available this month are hardcovers of Detective Comics and Batwoman, and trades of Animal Man, Catwoman, and StormwatchGenius, Illustrated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth (page 174) is the second book in the popular biographical series focusing on one of comics’ top legends.  From Fantagraphics, check out New York Mon Amour by Jacques Tardi and Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Volume 3: High Noon At Inferno Gulch HC (page 302).  Indie fans should check out Alison Bechdel’s newest, Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama (page 308). Vertigo offers the first comics work from chef/writer Anthony Bourdain, Get Jiro! (page 136).  And Image debuts Secret, the newest original work from Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim (page 184).

Bonus Advanced Previews: This month, Previews gives us two page spreads of two books coming out later than April. They’re both worth the extra anticipation.

Due out in May: Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score– Fans of both Darwyn Cooke and the Parker series are probably already aware of the latest book and the the promo art looks amazing!  Cooke’s latest turn in the world of Parker looks at “What kind of man tries to knock off a whole town”. Previous volumes won top industry awards, including an Eisner and a Harvey award.  This volume is sure to deliver for crime fiction enthusiasts.  (pages 152-153)

Due out in June: Crogan’s LoyaltyChris Schweizer returns to the Crogan family tree with brothers, William and Charles, on opposite sides of the Revolutionary War.  It always makes us happy to support creator owned properties and Schweizer is continuing a now well established title in his Crogan family stories.  Not only is the art great, but the history behind each family member’s story is meticulously researched.  This all ages book is a fun and interesting read for the whole family. (pages 318-319)

Wow, there’s a lot of great stuff coming out in April!  Be sure to check out Previews for yourself and let your friendly neighborhood comic store put some goodness in your reserve bag this spring.


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