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Even though next week is HeroesCon, we’ve still got some big names to announce. Don’t forget, it’s not too late to pick up an advanced 3 day pass.  Just head over HERE and you’ll be on your way to our 30th Anniversary!

First up is artist Mike Zeck! Mike was with us way back at the first HeroesCon, and it’s been decades since he made any convention appearances, so we’re really excited to have him back this year.  Zeck’s influence is wide and varied, and most of you will remember him from acclaimed runs on books like Captain America, Secret Wars, Master of Kung Fu, and Punisher, among many others. He’s one of the greats, don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet him!

We’re also happy to welcome Jason Pearson back to HeroesCon.  Jason’s been a longtime guest of the show over the years, and you’ll know him for his work on Body Bags, Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War, countless covers for titles like New Mutants, Deadpool, and Punisher, and more.

Artist Steve Epting is probably best known for his work on Captain America and the introduction of the Winter Soldier, but he also had nice runs on titles like Avengers, X-factor, and Marvels Project.  Most recently, he’s worked on Fantastic Four and FF.

The legendary Nick Cardy is also returning to HeroesCon this year!  Nick’s incredible Golden and Silver Age work on titles like Teen Titans, National Comics, Aquaman, Showcase, Bat Lash, and House of Mystery helped define what comics art could be.  He is truly a living legend, and someone who has influenced just about every comic creator and reader over the years.

Scott Hampton is another old friend of HeroesCon, and we’re happy to have him back once again.  In fact, Scott has appeared at every single HeroesCon to date!  Scott’s beautiful art has been seen just about everywhere, but you’ll probably know him for work on books like Hellboy: The Sleeping and the Dead, Rocketeer Adventures, Simon Dark, Silverheels, and Batman: Gotham County Line.

Joseph Michael Linsner is also returning to HeroesCon this year!  Linsner is known for his painterly art on titles like Dawn, Wolverine and Black Cat: Claws, Killraven, and covers for titles like Conan and Red Sonja.

J. David Spurlock is an award winning writer and editor of books like Wally’s World: Life and Death of Wally Wood, Joe Kubert: Draw From Life, Wally Wood’s Strange Worlds of Science Fiction, and The Complete Johnny Comet.

Bill Neville is an artist who has worked on diverse books like Explorers, Tick: Karma TornadoDisney Adventures and Big Bang Comics.

Artist Al Bigley’s work has been seen in books like Sonic the Hedgehog, Archie and Friends, Geminar, Power Rangers and more.

Not all creators will appear every day of the show, we leave that choice up to them. If you guys are kind and treat them well they are more likely to stay for the entire weekend though! See you all soon!


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