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First of all, I personally want to thank all of you who attended our three discussions from HeroesCon weekend.  Oz with Skottie Young (thank you Heather!), Batman: Black Mirror with Snyder and Francavilla (thank you Jason!) and Love and Rockets: New Stories with Jaime Hernandez (thank you Mr. Hernandez!).
Now that we are all rested up, it is time to get back to our regular Discussion Group schedule!
First up–
August: Discussion #48: Plan to join us on Saturday, September 1st as we tackle the graphic novel that is certainly one of the most critically acclaimed, vastly read and most often discussed:  The Pulitzer Prize winning story of the Holocaust–Maus by Art Spiegelman.
This is a major work and should be read by all serious comic readers.  The discussion topics are many, but the three primary points I’d like to cover are as follows: 
  • Is the book as great today as it was ground-breaking when it was first published a few decades ago?
  • How has Maus influenced the comics industry over the past 25 years?
  • How does the cartoony art service (or hinder) the brutality of the Holocaust?
Fair warning–  Maus is a heavy reading experience, but well worth your time and effort.  You will be surprised by the layering of the story-lines and the three dimensional characterization. So plan to join us on September 1st at 1:00pm.

And in the coming months:
#49: September 29th:  Starman Omnibus volume 1 (A Softcover is available–huzzah!) After a heavy dose of Maus, we need some Grade A Quality escapist Superhero fare and Starman is just the ticket. The only caveat with Starman is that you will not be able to stop at just one volume!
#50: HALLOWEEN!!!!  FIFTYwe did it!!  Who’d a thunk it? They said we were crazy, but for our diamond Jubilee, we are going to tackle Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s tour de force about the Whitechapel Murders– From Hell!

#51: November— The Discussion Group moves from dank alleys of Victorian England to the Magical Realism of Palomar in South America with Love and Rockets: Human Diastrophism by Gilbert Hernandez

#52: December–After Maus, From Hell and Love and Rockets, I say we deserve a Christmas Treat, so let’s take a day off from shopping and get together to chew on the whole darn BONE by Jeff Smith. Have you read BONE yet?  It is as fun as you’ve heard!  You are in for one heck of a treat.
As usual all of these books are available from Heroes at the 10% Discussion Group discount, just be sure to mention the Discount to your clerk at check out.

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