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Thoughts of November make me thankful for all the great comics we’ve had this year and we still have a couple of months to look forward to before 2012 draws to a close.  Get ready to pass the pumpkin pie and settle into a month of delicious comics.  Check out the following books in the latest issue of Previews, and let the store know if you’d like any of these for yourself!

Marvel Now! Young Baby Variants: November is the month of adorable over at Marvel thanks to the talented Skottie Young and his baby versions of the characters.  They’re so cute that I can’t even begin to pick a favorite.  Angry baby Hulk and baby Galactus with his pacifier are currently in the lead, but that could change at any moment.  (page 4 of Marvel Previews)

Thor: God of Thunder #1 and #2: Jason Aaron takes on another huge title with the latest Thor series in which our Norse god finds himself in search of a serial killer of gods.  Plus, Esad Ribic art! (pages 16-19 of Marvel Previews)

Bonus Pick: All New X-Men #1 and #2: Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen are teaming up to bring readers an interesting take on the X-Men when Professor X’s original five students are brought to the present.  This will be a good book for non-readers who enjoyed the X-Men: First Class movie.  (pages 8-11 of Marvel Previews)

Bonus Pick: Mind MGMT #0: Haven’t tried this well-liked Matt Kindt story yet?  This zero issue is a good place to introduce yourself to the main characters and stories of psychic spies.  Another cool thing about this book is that there’s extra content in each issue that won’t be reprinted in the trade paperback collections.  (page 36)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow-Wonderland:  Many fans of the Buffyverse will be excited to see one of the original members of the Scooby gang finally getting her own series.  Willow has been dealing with the loss of magic in our world and know realizes she isn’t the only one suffering its loss. (page 38)

Ame-Comi Girls: Featuring Batgirl #2: One of Heroes’ favorite semi-local artists, Sanford Greene takes on Batgirl in the second Ame-Comi Girl inspired book.  The cover art alone makes me excited to see the interior pages and Sanford’s take on these super cute DC heroines.  (page 122)

The Books of Magic Deluxe Edition HC: Readers of Justice League Dark just met young Timothy Hunter as the team seeks the Books of Magic on their own.  This original mini-series written by Neil Gaiman is now collected in hardcover for the first time and good time for new readers to delve more into Timothy’s story.  (page 136)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1: A new My Little Pony series debuts in November set in Ponyville and a mystery is afoot as the ponies search for answers as to what is causing the inhabitants to act so very weird.  The most exciting part? An absolutely adorable variant cover by Stephanie Buscema is available! (pages 154-155)

Bonus Pick: Mad Artist’s Edition: Another amazing looking artist’s edition is headed this way with the Mad Comics book.  Featuring stories or covers from issues 1-18 and art from Wally Wood, Bill Elder, Jack Davis and Basil Wolverton, this collection is sure to please the Mad fans in your life. (pages 156-157)

Bonus Pick: Thought Bubble Anthology 2012: Can’t make it over to England for the Though Bubble Festival? This collection of short stories will be available through Diamond and features stories from the likes of Warren Ellis, Ivan Brandon, Skottie Young, Dave Johnson and Fiona Staples.  All profits of the book go to the Barnardos charity which fights against child poverty and abuse.   (page 195)

Alex Toth’s Zorro the Complete Dell Comics Adventures:  Who was that masked man? Dive into this complete collection of Dell Zorro comics and find out for yourself.  (page 239 and 307)

Kevin Keller #6: Oh my! The fabulous George Takei makes an appearance at Riverdale convention and Kevin can’t wait to meet his hero. (page 246)

Barnaby Volume One: With art direction by Daniel Clowes and an introduction by Chris Ware, this collection of the 1940’s comic strip is sure to please both indie art fans and newspaper strip lovers alike.  Fantagraphics provided a preview of Crockett Johnson’s strip this past Spring with a FCBD edition. (page 302)

Bonus Pick: The Comics Journal #302: This edition of the TCJ features interviews with the recently deceased Maurice Sendak and French creator, Jacques Tardi.  (page 302)

The Love and Rockets Reader: From Hoppers to Palomar: Marc Sobel seeks to put into words what so many readers at Heroes already know, which is what makes Love and Rockets great.  Sobel digs deep into the world of Love and Rockets as this book promises to enlighten and deepen the appreciation of the most dedicated fans.  (page 303)

May your bounty of November comics be overflowing!












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