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ANDY’S PICK :: DAYBREAK GN: What do you get when you cross the popular Zombie Genre with smart passionate alternative comics? You get one of the best graphic novels in the past few years.  Daybreak by Brian Ralph is the beautifully executed story of post-apocalyptic survival and here is the unique master stroke; the entire story is told in 2nd person.  We, the readers are participants in the action as our one-armed hero works relentlessly to keep us alive.  This sense of involvement adds an entire level to the comic’s non-stop tension.  The terror of this impossible situation builds and builds up to the incredible ending. Ralph’s cartoony big foot-style art works to great advantage as it keeps the reader slightly off-center. Suffice to say, Daybreak is a masterpiece and a must-read experience for all fans of the Walking Dead (both the comics and TV show), the films of George Romero as well as devotees of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.  And it’s only 16.95!!! Ask Shelley to reserve one for you.

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