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“Cool shirt! Where’d you get it?”

“I got it at HeroesCon, it’s a blast, and you should come with me next year!”

This is how I imagine the conversation going when your friends see you in your SWEET HeroesCon 2013 t-shirts. This year we have 3 to choose from!

Lee Weeks provides the art for our HeroesCon souvenir t-shirt featuring Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer. Classic!

We’re trying something new with our Indie Island shirts this year. First off, we have 2 designs for you to choose from. Both are awesome! One is by Jim Rugg and the other by Dustin Harbin.

What’s different is t-shirts will be printed live at the show! Our friends The Fine Print Shoppe will be set up at the back wall of Indie Island at AA-35 & 36, taking orders, and printing your shirt right there! Pick your design and then choose the color of your shirt! We’ll have lots of options and I can’t wait to see a rainbow of Indie Island shirts walking around the show!  Just like in recent years, all of these t-shirts are available for just $20! Add these to your shopping list, and represent Heroes in style!


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