Staff Picks :: Astro City #2 :: JULY 10, 2013

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ANDY’S PICK :: ASTRO CITY #2: This is unofficially, the 61st issue of ASTRO CITY– the Kurt Busiek (writer) and Brent Anderson (artist) and Alex Ross (Covers and Design)  love letter to mainstream super-hero concepts. Others have tried to offer an homage/pastiche to heroes from an earlier era,  but more often than not, they end up as either a parody (Tom Strong) or a blatant rip-off (Supreme) Where others have failed, Astro City succeeds because the creative team love comic books, they love their characters and above all they love their fictional town.  You will feel the tingle of nostalgia and the joy that comes when you read a well crafted and (on its own terms) believable super-hero comic book. You owe it to yourself to give this book a try–especially if you were once at home on the mainstream side of Heroes and have since  moved across to the other side of the store.

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