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SETH’S PICK :: HALF PAST DANGER #3:  There are several interesting titles out this week (Batman ’66 #1, Paul Pope’s Death of Haggard West, The Love and Rockets Companion, Seagle and Kristiansen’s Genius, Brandon Graham’s Walrus), but I’m opting to bring Half Past Danger to your attention.  This action adventure series from IDW is pretty straightforward, but very much a breath of fresh air.  It’s essentially an adventure series, but in the first two issues has already delivered on its promise of Dames, Dinosaurs and Danger.  It features all of those elements (and ninjas!) set against the backdrop of World War II.  More than that, it’s executed wonderfully by writer/artist Stephen Mooney and colorist Jordie Bellaire, who is quickly becoming to colorists what Francesco Francavilla is to cover artists.  This series feels like it was produced by people who love old action and adventure comics and films, and doesn’t shy away from displaying its exuberance.  Best of all, this is the perfect kind of comic to offer you a break from the big, shiny summer events of  super hero books. halfpast


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