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staff_picks karla_staff_picksKARLA’S PICK :: IMAGINE AGENTS #2: I had quite the ensemble of beloved imaginary cohorts as I child, which is why when my fellow Heroes staffer (and Store Manager extraordinaire) Justin recommended Imagine Agents to me last month, I picked it up and devoured it! (Don’t be silly…I didn’t actually EAT the book, I’m not Tony Chu!) Imagine Agents is a new book from BOOM! Studios written by Brian Jones and illustrated by Bachan. It’s an intriguing concept about an organization of “Men In Black” style agents who’s job it is to wrangle up imaginary friends after the children they befriended have outgrown them(tragic!! Right??!!). Some of those imaginary counterparts are the best friends and confidants to the children they belong to, and others are chaotic terrors who reek havoc and mayhem wherever they go, leaving their pre-adolescent benefactors to take the blame. I truly enjoyed the heck out of issue #1 (which we still have in stock!) and can’t wait to see what happens next in this 4 part series!imagineagents_02_cvr_copy(2)


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