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staff_picks andy_staff_picksANDY’S PICK: This GN collects  DC COMICS PRESENTS #27-28, 36 and 43 and SUPERMAN ANNUAL #11. So way back when–after Kirby defected to DC to mastermind The Fourth World Saga,  Marvel wanted their own Darkseid, so they turned to newcomer Jim Starlin who in turn created Thanos who proved to be one of the most enduring villains in the Marvel Line-up.  A few years later when Starlin left Marvel and came to DC, he joined Len Wein for a short but terrific run on the Superman team-up book DC Comics Presents. They needed a big new baddie for Supes so they invented their own version of Thanos; this time they colored him yellow and called him Mongul.And once the smoke cleared, Mongol and Darkseid proved to be nothing alike except the size and shape of their heads and their over-all evil demeanor.   Darkseid was a despot– a world destroyer and a Fallen God. And Mongol was just a big unlikable violent thug who ruled over a rotten planet called WARWORLD. But this Mongul is still tough– you can’t take this big guy down with an exploding CandyGram. These stores by Wein and Starlin were about as good as main stream DC got before the British Invasion. Speaking of which, this volume concludes with one of the greatest single issues in superhero history: For the Man Who has Everything by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.  If you haven’t read “Everything” yet, stop what you are doing and pick it up.I can sum up the greatness of the issue in one word– “Burn” It is that good (and it is yet another reason why a lot of us of a certain age loved Jason Todd as Batman’s sidekick)

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