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staff_picks andy_staff_picksANDY’S PICK :: PLANETARY is a super-group comprised of Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner, and The Drummer. They are the greatest power trio since RUSH and perhaps  CREAM (but not GRAND FUNK you got a problem with that?).  This is far and away my favorite superhero series from the past ten years.  There is more to think about, revel in and just plain enjoy than just about any other series I can think of.  And if the story by Warren Ellis, firing on all cylinders  isn’t enough– but it is–I swear– then how about 500 pages of art from John Cassaday?  A while back,   the Heroes Discussion Group focused on PLANETARY and it was one of the best round tables we’ve ever had. Archetypes Ahoy!! This is well work a Grant, a Jackson and a Lincoln (yet another famed power trio!).  This is a book you will read and re-read many times.This omnibus collects PLANETARY #1-27, PLANETARY/BATMAN #1, PLANETARY/JLA #1 and PLANETARY/AUTHORITY #1.



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