STAFF PICKS :: Dark Tower: The Drawing of Three #1 :: September 03, 2014

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staff_picksquay_staff_picksZAQ’S PICK :: DARK TOWER: THE DRAWING OF THREE #1: If you call yourself a Stephen King fan & haven’t read the Dark Tower series you’re a charlatan in my book!  But don’t fret Constant Reader, for Marvel, in their infinite wisdom, have given us the comic adaptation of The Dark Tower: The Drawing of Three – The Prisoner!  It’s written by veteran writer, Peter David, & penciled by Piotr Kowalski, the greats responsible for MadroX & the art of What If? Age of Ultron, respectively.  One of the great things about the Dark Tower series is the genre hopping.  It spans everything from Western (obviously), fantasy, sci-fi & even romance!  This one has more of sci-fi bent with elements of real world grit.  I could go on and on in my clumsy writing style but you should just read it.  I’ll think you’re so cool if you do.


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