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Don’t forget, Tomorrow at 1PM, BATMAN HEROES DISCUSSION GROUP!

It’s about time that the Heroes Discussion Group turns its critical eyes upon Bill Willingham’s Fables. The series will conclude in about six months when they complete their 150th regular season issue.

The challenge in front of Discussioneers United is… which volume should we select?
Keep in mind, in order to make things flexible for folks new to Fables, we’d like to pick a story arc that does not give away the big plot reveals especially the identity of The Adversary.

I spent the last few weeks re-reading the series and here are my recommendations:
The March of the Wooden Soldiers (includes The Last Castle one-shot)
1001 Nights of Snowfall (Yes, we did that at the con a few years ago with Mr. Willingham, but we spoke more about the over-all series instead of this wonderful GN)
The Great Fables Cross-Over
Fairest in All the Land GN
Babes in Toyland

All of these books are just bursting at the staples with story-points, terrific concepts memorable characters and enough sub-text to make for a truly satisfying afternoon. So please take a moment and cast a vote as to what book you’d like to see spotlighted (spot-lit?) Even if you aren’t sure you can make it, but feel strongly about the series, please vote. We’d love as much input as possible.

We will schedule at the end of November or beginning of December as soon as you’ve selected the book. If you’ve never read Fables, this is an ideal time to give it a try. If you have watched Once Upon a Time or Grimm, why not check out the far superior source material for these two network TV shows?

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