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staff_picks andy_staff_picksANDY’S PICKS: The Classic Comics Cavalcade is back. Save yourself some precious time and simply sign your paycheck over to Sir Justin, Manager of Heroesdom.

If you are searching for a good sampler of the great newspaper strips of the past, look no further.
KING OF COMICS HC 100 YEARS KING FEATURES SYNDICATE: IDW celebrates the Centennial of King Features Syndicate with a coffee table book that traces the history of the first, the largest, the most influential and arguably the best comic syndication of all time. Featuring Blondie, Steve Canyon, Beetle Bailey, Krazy Kat, Popeye, Prince Valiant, Barney Google, Johnny Hazard and that is just a handful off the top of my head.
CARTOONS FOR VICTORY HC: Then Fantagraphics offers up a retrospective on the comics of World War II. Featuring work from strip creators like Milt Caniff and Harold Gray as well as panel cartoonists from Colliers and The New York. Much of the material has not been reprinted for years.
The very best reprint books come from IDW and Fantagraphics. They care about the material and feel a responsibility to the discerning readers out there. These are two books that belong in every well rounded library or collection.
And if strips aren’t your thing (yet) don’t forget about
Fifty years of the second grouchiest one eyed leader in the Marvel Universe. (Don’t forget Odin for gosh sake!) Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #21, and material from STRANGE TALES (1951) #135-150 and TALES OF SUSPENSE (1959) #78. Plus, we’ll throw in a heaping helping of Dum Dum Duggan absolutely free!

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