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We don’t want to carry all these comics across the parking lot if we don’t have to! Help us out by taking some merchandise off our hands at DEEP DISCOUNTS STARTING NOW! All these discounts are available on items currently in the store, we do not currently have access to all of our stock due to the move.

  • 50% off Back Issues
  • All $1 comics 50¢
  • 25% off New Comics, TPBs, Art Books, Merch, etc. (35% off for subscribers who clear out their bag)
  • 35% off Statues
  • Wholesale prices on supplies

Again, this sale is on already in-store items only.

We have to be completely out of our current store by Thursday the 31st so come in now for the best selection. We’re getting the new location ready as quickly as we can and plan to open for our first New Comic Book Day on September 6th. In the meantime, please check our social media (here, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for info on yard sale, grand opening celebrations and other fun things we’re cooking up while we get our new building ready for you! We appreciate your patience as we’re figuring everything out to make our new location the best it can be. Thank you!


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