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We hope you’re as excited for Free Comic Book Day as we are! Along with the free comics and great artists sketching we’re having a great sale and The CW and The Mystery Machine will be here on site for the festivities!

We’ve put together this handy map to help with parking. Free lots will be located between Boy Scouts of America and St Martin’s Episcopal Church on 7th street, across from Children’s Home of North Carolina also on 7th St., and also beside the 2 story brick building next to Pecan Point (DO NOT PARK AT PECAN POINT). These lots will all be marked with HEROES PARKING signs. All of these lots are in walking distance of the store if you’d like to get out and experience our wonderful neighborhood. We’ll also be running shuttles to these lots regularly if you’d like a ride to the store.

As always, there is lots of parking on the residential streets in our neighborhood. Check for spots on Pecan, 8th, 9th, Clement, Clarice, Ridgeway, Bay, Lamar, and the Rose Garden at Independance Park. Use the Trolley Walk if you park on Greenway and 5th Street.  They are all very close, please just be mindful of residents driveways. 

We hope to see you on Saturday, May 5th!



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