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The Staff at Heroes just got some fancy NEW BUSINESS CARDS! In case you were wondering about who to contact regarding specific aspects of our day-to-day, here’s a quick breakdown!

Shelton Drum – Owner & Founder
Shelton started Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find back in 1980 and is our leader and guiding force. You can contact him with questions regarding the store, HeroesCon, or if you have Silver and/or Golden Age comics that you would like to sell. He is constantly on the road setting up at conventions across the country, happily selling and buying comics and promoting all things Heroes throughout the year. It wouldn’t be Heroes without Shelton (plus, he’s the one who writes the checks and pays the bills)!

Seth Peagler – Operations Manager
Seth oversees the day-to-day functions of both the store and warehouse. He is your go-to for supply orders and he also consults on product orders for the store. Contact him if you have a comic collection you’re looking to sell, have questions about our store, or if you need to order collecting supplies.

Elias Pittman – Inventory Manager
Elias crunches the numbers and places the orders for new products each week. You can contact him to request new comics (and variants), update your pull sheet, or ask any questions regarding the store.

Karla Southern – Event & Media Coordinator
Karla is your contact for all things HeroesCon. Contact her with artist and artist alley questions, for exhibitor booth reservations, or with promotional or marketing queries. You can also contact her about the Heroes Pop Swap, Charlotte Mini-Con, and all other Heroes Events.

We also have a tremendous store staff which includes long-time employee Phil Southern, Justin Crouse, Winslow Drum and Sam Reynolds! We look forward to seeing you in the store SOON!

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