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MICHAEL TURNER :: 1971 – 2008

July 11, 2008 By: Rusty Baily Category: Comics Industry, DISCUSS, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find

As many of you know, the comic book industry lost, in my humble opinion, one of the brightest stars in the business recently. Michael Turner (4/21/71 – 6/27/08 ) passed away of complications from bone cancer. At only 37, he left an unmistakable imprint on the scene, and I thought it odd, that his death didn’t seem to get too much press coverage. His body of work was breath-taking.

The one example that instantly pops into mind is the Justice League of America # 10 cover that was swirling in controversy for some reason. If I remember correctly, most people were complaining about some silliness called “proportion”, and using crazy words like “reality”. Little hint here people…it’s a comic book. If you want proportion or reality look at a book of photographs! It was a beautiful piece! And not just in the way you think I’m talking about! I LIKE the exaggerations in his art. It made it fun to look at!

My favorite piece has to be the four alternate Fathom # 4 covers. I have those framed, and hanging under my surfboard, and I must say, they are B-E-A-U-tiful! For a guy with so many other extreme talents/distractions, he seemed so focused on his art. For an award winning water-skier, martial artist, and avid video game player, he just seemed like the total package.

But regardless of how anybody feels, I think the man was a genius, and will be missed! RIP Michael Turner.