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January 14, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, EVENTS

Charlotte MiniCon is just a few days away now! Sunday January 20th from 11am to 5pm the Grady Cole Center will be filled with great comic creators, comic book vendors, cosplayers and much more! It’s going to be a comic book lovers’ paradise. There is still time to register for FREE admission, just click the button! We are expecting a big crowd and pre-registered attendees will be able to walk right in without doing any paperwork at the door. So register, print your pass and bring it to the show for fast entry!

Parking is also free the day of the event. We encourage you to give generously to one of two very worthwhile charities who will be on hand to collect your donations.



Second Harvest Food Bank will be accepting non-perishable food items and monetary donations.


American Red Cross will be accepting monetary donations.

Here is an updated list and a floor plan featuring all the creators and vendors attending MiniCon this year!

Charlotte MiniCon 2013_floor plan


Rich Case has had to cancel his appearance due to other obligations.




January 11, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, Contests, EVENTS



January 08, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, EVENTS

Local author Eraklis “Herc” Petmezas will be our guest at the Charlotte MiniCon on Sunday January 20, 2013. He will be debuting a new printing of his self published comic Last Cigarette at the show.

From the author,  “Last Cigarette is a story about Kostas, a retired Greek cop who gets asked to find a missing girl. While searching the island for her he realizes there is more to this case than he expected.”

Herc, a founding father of weekly drawing group Sketch Charlotte is currently putting together a collection of shorts with some new stories he plans to have ready by summer. You can see more of his work here.

For your FREE admission to Charlotte MiniCon click here and follow the registration instructions.

Complete 2013 Charlotte MiniCon Guest List:





January 04, 2013 By: Seth Peagler Category: Charlotte Minicon, EVENTS

If  you’ve been to the Charlotte MiniCon before, you know we always have cool door prizes that any attendee can win.  Sometimes, though, Shelton throws some especially exciting and valuable items into the mix.  This year is a prime example of that.  Along with passes to HeroesCon, t-shirts, prints, and some of the other awesome items you might be expecting, this year’s door prizes include some highly sought after books like those pictured above.

Look closely and you’ll see copies of the San Diego Comic Con variant for Walking Dead #87, and a variety of covers for the now sold out Amazing Spider-man #700, including the regular cover, variants by Olivier Coipel and Marcos Martin, and even a copy of the super hard to find Steve Ditko variant.  If you look on ebay right now, the Ditko variant has been selling for between $800 and $1200.  That’s right, Shelton’s offering up a $1000 comic book as a door prize this year!  That should give you an idea of how much fun Charlotte MiniCon will be this year.

Remember to “Like” us on Facebook and then register for your FREE Mini-Con pass! Print your pass and bring it to the convention to speed your entry into the con. All attendees will receive a door prize ticket upon entry. Amazing door prizes will be given away all throughout the day, so get in early and stay all day! You never know when your number might be called!

Charlotte MiniCon is Sunday, January 20, 2013 at The Grady Cole Center from 11am to 5pm. There is plenty of free parking!

Complete 2013 Charlotte MiniCon Guest List (so far):






January 03, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, EVENTS

Lee Weeks, a favorite of fans and peers alike will be joining us for the Charlotte MiniCon on Sunday, January 20, 2013! If you haven’t met Lee you’re in for a treat. The only thing better than his great renditions of your favorite heroes is his warm personality!


Complete 2013 Charlotte MiniCon Guest List (so far):

Charlotte MiniCon takes place on January 20, 2013 at the Grady Cole Center. There will be lots of free parking*

Like our Facebook page and register at Eventbrite for FREE admission to the show! We are lending our support to two great charities, The American Red Cross and Second Harvest Food Bank and encourage you to donate to them on the day of the show as representatives will be in attendance. We plan to have MiniCon exclusive gifts to encourage and reward your generosity.

Costume Contest: Come in costume for a chance to win prizes. Register on site to compete!
Door Prizes each hour!
MiniCon Hours: 11AM-5PM

* We previously mentioned a free comic offer for attendees paying to park. Now that parking is free we will no longer be offering this incentive. Please consider donating your parking money to one of the great charities at the show!




December 28, 2012 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, EVENTS

Charlotte MiniCon is going to kick off 2013 with a bang! Along with the great guests we’ve already announced, artists Brian Stelfreeze (Before Watchmen, Shadow of the Bat, Domino) and Chris Brunner (Loose Ends, Legends of the Dark Knight, Hellblazer) will also be joining us on Sunday January 20th!

Like our Facebook page and register at Eventbrite for FREE admission to the show! We are lending our support to two great charities, The American Red Cross and Second Harvest Food Bank and encourage you to donate to them on the day of the show. We plan to have MiniCon exclusive gifts to encourage and reward your generosity. 

Costume Contest: Come in costume for a chance to win prizes. Register on site to compete!
Door Prizes each hour!

This year’s MiniCon will be held at the Grady Cole Center, there is plenty of parking but it isn’t free. Parking will be free!


October 31, 2012 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, EVENTS

Happy Halloween! We have some not-so-scary news for you! Charlotte MiniCon 2013 will be taking place on Sunday, January 20, 2013. This year we bid a fond farewell to the cozy Palmer Building and instead will be holding the show at the Grady Cole Center. This means more space, more creators and more exhibitors!

A few of our friends have already let us know they’ll be joining us at this year’s MiniCon, among them are J Chris Campbell, Sanford Greene, Kevin Mellon, Andy Smith, and Rob Ullman! We have many more guests to announce in the coming weeks! This will be our biggest and best MiniCon yet!

If you’d like to exhibit at this year’s MiniCon please give us a call!



January 26, 2012 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, EVENTS

Thanks so much to everyone from our great community that came out to the 35th Annual Charlotte MiniCon this weekend. It was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic comic fans at our biggest MiniCon ever. The beautiful Palmer Building was packed and we can’t wait to do it again next year! Special thanks to Cliff Chiang for making the trip down to Charlotte from New York! We’re happy to say he’ll be back down for HeroesCon 2012 in June! Click the photo below to see our MiniCon photo set featuring Cliff and all the other great comic creators that came out! You may even find a photo of yourself if you were there. Follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook page to hear about special events like this first!



January 20, 2012 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, EVENTS

Charlotte MiniCon is this weekend! Sunday, January 22nd, 11AM-5PM at The Palmer Building: 2601 East 7th Street  Charlotte, NC 28204

This exclusive silk screen poster (modeled for scale by handsome and personable Heroes staff member Brent Bagwell) by Cliff Chiang and Dustin Harbin will be available at the show for $10! Get here!

Also appearing:

Rich Barrett (Nathan Sorry)
J Chris Campbell (Wide Awake Press, Neatobots)
Sanford Greene (Rotten Apple, Wonder Girl)
Dustin Harbin (Diary Comics, Dharbin)
Jason Latour (Wolverine, BPRD, Loose Ends)
Eraklis “Herc” Petmezas (Mr Lune, Last Cigarette)
Bridgit Scheide (Brother Nash,Womanthology)
Andy Smith (War of the Green Lanterns, JSA, WWE Heroes)
Budd Root (Cavewoman)

Not only will you find great comic creators at MiniCon, the show will also feature dealers selling comics from the Golden Age through today, along with other great collectibles. If you’ve never been to the MiniCon or enjoyed the nice environment of the Palmer Building before, there’s no better time than this year. Come help us celebrate the 35th anniversary of this classic event, and make sure to bring the whole family! It’s going to be a rockin’ good time!

2601 East 7th Street  Charlotte, NC 28204


January 17, 2012 By: Heroes Online Category: Charlotte Minicon, DISCUSS, EVENTS, Guest List, HeroesCon, Interviews, Looking Ahead

This Sunday Heroes celebrates the 35th Anniversary of the Charlotte MiniCon!  As part of the celebration we are honored to have artist Cliff Chiang appear as one of our featured guests.  Aside from being universally regarded as one of the nicest guys in the industry, Cliff’s also one of comics’ top illustrators.  Just take a look at DC’s new Wonder Woman series and you’ll see why.  We recently talked with Cliff about his appearance this weekend, and some of his recent work. Make sure to stop by the MiniCon this Sunday and welcome Cliff back to Charlotte!
Heroes (H):  Your collaboration with Brian Azzarello dates back to your time as an editor of 100 Bullets and your work together on DC’s excellent Doctor 13 stories.  What made Wonder Woman seem like the natural next step in your collaboration?

Cliff Chiang (CC): I’d been itching to work with Azz again ever since Doctor 13, but I had some longer projects that delayed those plans. When Azz called me about Wonder Woman, I realized it was a great opportunity to be creative and confuse people at the same time! I was in.

H: Your work with Azzarello on Wonder Woman has received wide acclaim, and of all DC’s 52 relaunched titles it’s probably one of the truest examples of how to start a title over.  Have you and Azzarello talked about how long you plan on working on the book?

CC: As long as they’ll have us. We have some long term plans for the story, and I’d love to be able to see them though.

H: At every convention we see you at you always manage to have some cool new prints available.  Are you planning on debuting or featuring anything new at the Mini Con?

CC: We’ve got the exclusive MiniCon screenprint by me and Dustin Harbin, for a measly $10! Hopefully, I’ll get another image done for HeroesCon later this year. So much to do!

H: We’re glad you mentioned that! We’re happy that you’ll be back in Charlotte for HeroesCon this summer to help us celebrate our 30th anniversary.
CC: HeroesCon was the first show I was ever invited to as a guest, and since then I’ve come back every year. The people are so warm, the energy is great, and it’s clear that the whole thing is done out of love for comics and the community. I’m proud to be a small part of that. Plus, I’ve made so many good friends in Charlotte that I’m more than happy to be able to spend a few days in Charlotte.

Super (Fly) Mario for the What Not Blog

H: Whose idea was the What Not Blog?

CC: I think it was Reverend Dave Johnson’s brainchild. It’s inspiring to see such a diverse group of artists just messing around like that.

H: Where do you guys find the time to do these fully realized illustrations on top of your paying work?!

CC: It can be hard, but it is a lot of fun. I probably should do less-finished stuff and post more often, but sometimes I love an idea and wanna show some more care.

H: Finally, what are some of the comics that you’re most looking forward to seeing in 2012?

CC: Two things I’m looking forward to in 2012 are the conclusion to Loose Ends (I did not pay him to say that. -rico.) and the print version of Robbi Rodriguez’s Frankie Get Your Gun.

Thanks to Cliff for taking time to answer a few questions.  You can meet him and a slew of other great artists this Sunday at the 35th Anniversary of the Charlotte MiniCon!

Check out Cliff’s website and follow him on Twitter @CliffChiang