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#BuzzCityPoster event!



We are one of the local partners for the

GoCollect #BuzzCityPoster event!

In order to win a poster you MUST enter the draft!
Our friends @GoCollect are hosting this event to celebrate their upcoming launch of a new site and price guides!
If you are in the Charlotte, NC area you don’t want to miss out on this 5-week event! 

2,500 Limited edition posters


Enter the draft.Receive an email confirmation. Get this Saturday’s pick up details.


Starting Saturday, April 24, 2021

GoCollect is giving away 2,500 posters created by talented artists and featuring theCharlotte Hornets as they protect the Queen City from sellers of counterfeit collectibles! The Buzz City Series posters tell the story of villains selling counterfeit collectibles to fund their mission to overtake the city of Charlotte. The Hornets team catches wind of this and battles the villains to save the city! When the Hornets come out victorious, a celebration in the city of Charlotte takes place to thank our heroes, the Hornets. The Hornets Buzz City Series brand pays homage to Charlotte’s rich history with a fresh and fashionable uniform that is inspired by the city’s reputation as a beacon for hope and opportunity. You’ll definitely want to collect all 5 in the series!

#CharlotteHornets #BuzzCity #UnderTheWaterTower



December 13, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, Contests, EVENTS, On the Road

on_the_roadWe’re not going far but we’ll be out in force at the Charlotte Comicon this Sunday, December 15th and we’re bringing the A-Team! Shelton, Seth, Phil, Karla, Winslow and Zach will all be there to help you with all your comic book shopping. We’ll be bringing all our good stuff from the Golden Age all the way up to what’s new and hot this week!

If you’re at the show, you can pick up copies of Harley Quinn #0 with a couple of weeks to create your cover masterpiece by the December 31st due date and be entered in our Art Exhibition at Charlotte MiniCon . If you’ve already completed yours, we’ll be collecting finished covers at the show too! More information HERE!

harley blank

Also, we’ve been putting it off because we’ve been so busy this short holiday season but our Big Holiday Sale will be next weekend, December 21-22! Look for more details soon right here on our blog. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest Heroes news!

See you Sunday at Charlotte Comicon!



November 20, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: Contests, DISCUSS, EVENTS, On the Road

on_the_roadHeroes will be at the VA Comicon this weekend, November 23-24, at Richmond International Raceway and we’ve got some great stuff planned for anyone who stops by our booth! Along with our world famous road stock we’ll be bringing pretty much every comic that special guest Rob Liefeld has ever created. VA Comicon is a great opportunity to get your books signed by Rob!

Special Offer! Anyone who purchases Deadpool Corps #1 from Heroes, a highly collectible #1 issue that is Liefeld from top to bottom, will be entered to win a copy of New Mutants #87 on Saturday or New Mutants #98 on Sunday. We will be selling our copies of Deadpool Corps #1 for only $3 each, that’s 25% off the original cover price!


By buying a copy of Deadpool Corps #1 you will be entered to win a copy of New Mutants #87 and with rumors of an X-Force movie on the way featuring Cable, his 1st appearance will be hotter than ever!


By buying a copy of Deadpool Corps #1 you will be entered to win a copy of New Mutants #98 the hottest modern book on the planet featuring the 1st appearance of Deadpool.


Items pictured are the actual copies we will be giving away.

More copies of both of these great comics will also be for sale at our booth along with tons of other rare Rob Liefeld items!

You must be present to win, prizes will be announced each day one hour before the close of the show.

Shelton will also tweet the winners, follow him on Twitter at

You can buy as many copies as you like to increase your chances of winning.

If you enter and don’t win on Saturday you are still eligible for Sunday’s drawing!

Good luck and we hope to see you at VA Comicon this weekend!



November 20, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, Contests, DISCUSS, EVENTS


harley blank

Get your pencils sharpened! When you buy the Harley Quinn #0 sketch variant and regular edition for $10 you will be giving $5 to the Red Cross for Typhoon relief in the Philippines. Also, if you draw Harley on your cover and get it back to us by December 31st you could be awarded prizes at our Charlotte MiniCon on January 25th! Your covers will be judged by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti! Buy yours online or in the store! More information HERE!



January 11, 2013 By: Rico Renzi Category: Charlotte Minicon, Contests, EVENTS


Avengers Movie Contest Winners Announced!

May 02, 2012 By: Karla Southern Category: Contests, EVENTS, Uncategorized

Dedicated Avengers fan, and contest winner, Mike Powell as Captain America

Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find would like to congratulate Mike Powell and Michael Jolly, the winners of our “Avengers Movie Tickets” Contest!

Mike and Michael have each won two passes to see “The Avengers” at midnight on Thursday at Regal Cinemas Stonecrest, as well as an Avengers logo hat, movie poster and other movie memorabilia.

Mike and Michael, you will need to stop by Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, located at 1957 E. 7th Street, Charlotte, sometime today (Wednesday, May 2) or tomorrow (Thursday, May 3) to pick up your passes! If you can’t make it by the store, you can arrange to pick up your passes and prizes at Stonecrest on Thursday night at the Heroes table!

Just remember, your tickets will get you into the movie, but seating will still be on a first come basis. Be sure to get there a little early to make sure you and your guests get a good seat!


Contest winner, Michael Jolly, with his prizes.



Did someone say, “Free Tickets to Avengers?!”

April 26, 2012 By: Karla Southern Category: Contests, EVENTS

Avengers Fans Assemble!

Have you been counting the days, nay, the minutes, to the release of the new Avengers movie? Do you stay awake at night thinking about the sheer awesomeness that is sure to be one of the best, if not THE BEST super hero movies of all time? If so, True Believers, then boy do we have a treat for you!

Avengers Movie Pass Contest Swag

Hold on to your Power Suits, because at this very moment, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find is in the possession of not one but TWO pairs of passes to the Avengers movie debut next Thursday night! That’s right THURSDAY NIGHT, and not at just any theater either! These tickets are courtesy of our good friends at Regal Cinemas Stonecrest, and are for the MIDNIGHT showing of the Avengers in their beautiful IMAX theater! Stonecrest has also sweetened the deal (as if they needed to, right!?) by including with these passes a 13½” x 20” Avengers movie poster, an Avenger’s hat, a set of Avenger’s collectible buttons and a Regal Cinemas ink pen! So that’s a possible ticket for you, and one for your favorite sidekick, as well as the hat, poster, buttons and ink pen!

So the question is, “What can I do to win these fabulous prizes?!” Well gee, I’m glad you asked!

Do you think your Avengers fandom makes you the most worthy to wield these prizes? Does your love of the Avengers hulk above all others? Are you a super soldier for the cause? Well then use your superior talents and technology to prove it! Here’s what we’re aiming for: send us pictures or write us a brief description showing us why YOUR Avengers fandom is the most incredible! Send us pictures of your Avengers collection, costumes, or anything you think will prove that your love of the Avengers is superior to all others!

You can also write us about your Avengers fandom and why you deserve to be known as the Avengers #1 fan. You could even tell us how Hawkeye changed your life (sorry Seth, Heroes employees are not eligible to win), but just remember, a PICTURE is worth a thousand words!

So don’t waste any time! Send your photos or stories to, and be sure to include your contact information so that we can notify you when you win! We will be accepting entries from now until 9pm on Tuesday, May 1st and the winner will be announced on Wednesday morning, May 2nd! The Heroes staff will judge the entries to determine who’s photos and/or stories are the best of the best! In the event of a tie, we will draw at random from the qualifying names to decide the winners.

Also, please keep in mind that in order to win you must be able to attend the MIDNIGHT showing at Regal Cinemas Stonecrest on Thursday night, May 3rd.

Regal Cinemas Stonecrest is located at 7824 Rea Road, Charlotte, NC 28277. Please take this into consideration BEFORE entering this contest.



‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ Movie Passes!?!

July 27, 2010 By: Seth Peagler Category: Contests, EVENTS, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, Special Offers

What happens when Hollywood decides to make a film based on one of the hottest comic series in recent years?  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World that’s WHAT! If you’ve followed any news from this past weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, you know Scott Pilgrim was the “Life of the Party!  The few fortunate fans to see the film in San Diego (including creator Bryan Lee O’Malley) were vocal in their praise of the film.  The final volume of the acclaimed graphic novel series SOLD OUT 100,000 copies in less that a week! EVERYBODY wants all the Scott Pilgrim they can get!

This special advanced sneak preview happens tomorrow night, July 28 at 7:00 p.m. That’s over two weeks before the film’s official release date of Friday, August 13!  How might you get one of these golden tickets?  Simply come in to the store today only, purchase all the items in your reserve bag and we’ll happily give you a pass which admits two people. We only have a very limited number of these coveted passes, so first come first serve and one per customer please!   When they’re gone, they’re gone.  If you’re a reserve customer who has already purchased everything in your reserve bag earlier in the week?  Just stop in today and mention that you read about this promotion on the blog, and you too will be on your way to the movies!  Remember, this is a Heroes Online Blog exclusive, and only applicable to our loyal reserve customers! Stop by the store today, grab your pass and see the film tomorrow night!


COMING EVENTS :: Halloween Costume Contest!

October 08, 2009 By: Dustin Harbin Category: Contests, EVENTS, Other Events


Guys guys guys! If you have kids looking for something safe and fun and FREE to do on Halloween, we’ve got you covered!

On Saturday, October 31st (Halloween, coincidentally) we’ll be having a big ole Halloween shindig here in our store!  We’ve got tons of free comics, including special Halloween comics published by the major publishers, plus tons of swag, specially-priced sale items for that day only, and more! Pluusssss, since it’s Halloween, we’ll have some trick-or-treatables!

But coolest of all, this year we’ll be having a Halloween Costume Contest in our store! Come by in costume, Halloweeners of all ages, and we’ll snap your photo and enter you into our contest! At least one winner (more depending on turnout) will win sweet freebies, with the top prize including a $25 gift certificate to the store! NOTE to parents–we will post these photos on our store’s website and/or Flickr account, so let us know if you’d prefer not to have your child’s picture included!

Don’t miss this sweet event! I’m sure Shelton and Seth will whip up some last-minute surprises for those of you who are value-minded, so there will be plenty to do for young and old! More details as the event gets closer!



March 04, 2009 By: Dustin Harbin Category: Contests, Slice of Life

From our chums at the Movies At Crown Point theatre, we bring you a little quickie contest themed around this weekend’s Watchmen film premiere:

Movies At Crown Point will be holding 2 midnight showings of the movie this Thursday night at, well, midnight. To help spread the word, they’ve given us 5 passes to do with what we will, and we thought we’d have a little Watchmen-themed contest. Answer one of the trivia questions below to win a pair of passes, OR the bonus question for the fifth pass. DISCLAIMER: many of you will know the answer, so I will pick a winner randomly from the entries I get. PLEASE DON’T answer the question in the comments below, for obvious reasons.

E-mail your correct answers to me at dharbin{at}heroesonline{dot}com. Okay, let’s do it!

QUESTION 1 (good for 2 free passes):
What is the name of the artist (NOT Dave Gibbons) credited within the story for the art on the “Tales Of The Black Freighter” story?

QUESTION 2 (good for 2 free passes):
What was the occupation of Dr. Manhattan’s father?

BONUS QUESTION (good for 1 free pass):
What was the name of the paper that Rorschach sent his final journal to?

Okay! I’ll take correct answers until noon tomorrow (March 5), and winners can pick up their passes here in our store after that time! I’ll announce them here!