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Watterson - Team Cul De Sac

This year HeroesCon is proud to display the first published comic strip art from Bill Watterson in nearly twenty years! Watterson completed his inimitable Calvin and Hobbes strip in 1995, and has since remained largely private in his life and art. If you happened to read Stephan Pastis popular Pearls Before Swine strip this week, you may have noticed that Pastis employed a guest artist, billed as a second grade girl named Libby, to help him with three strips. Astute readers speculated about the true identity of the guest artist, and today the Washington Post revealed it to be none other than the legendary Bill Watterson!

In conjunction with Chris Sparks and Team Cul de Sac, we are happy to be bringing all three Watterson and Pastis strips to Charlotte to display at HeroesCon, June 20 through 22 at the Charlotte Convention Center. The art will be displayed on the convention floor all weekend, at our Drink and Draw event on Friday night, and at Saturday night’s Art Auction.   We’ll also be hosting a panel on Friday, June 20 where fans will get to hear the story of how this remarkable art was produced, how it came to be featured in Charlotte, and the part that Cul de Sac cartoonist Richard Thompson plays in all of it.

The three strips produced by Watterson and Pastis will be auctioned off in the coming months, with all proceeds from the sale going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. This charity works closely with our good friends at Team Cul de Sac, for whom we host our annual HeroesCon Drink and Draw charity event. More specifics regarding the auction of these pieces will be available at HeroesCon, here on our site and at Team Cul de Sac‘s page in the coming weeks.

HeroesCon is the only place anyone will be able to see the rare Watterson and Pastis original art in person before they are auctioned off. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for comic and art fans across the country, and we are humbled and honored to be bringing it to Charlotte.

HeroesCon takes place June 20 – 22 at the Charlotte Convention Center. The Bill Watterson and Cul de Sac panel takes place Friday, June 20 at 5:30 at the convention center.


The HeroesCon Drink and Draw event takes place on Friday, June 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the Hilton Center City atrium. HeroesCon’s first Drink and Draw event was in 2011, modeled after the Drink and Draw Social Club founded by comic artists Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian and Jeff Johnson. That event and every one since has raised money for Team Cul de Sac, the organization founded in honor of Cul de Sac cartoonist Richard Thompson that raises money and awareness for Parkinson’s Research.

The HeroesCon Art Auction will take place on Saturday, June 21 at 8 p.m. in the Providence Ballroom at the Westin.

For more information on all things HeroesCon, stayed tuned to If you have any questions regarding the Watterson and Pastis exhibit in Charlotte, contact Seth Peagler at or through the Heroes store at 704.375.7462. Additionally, you can contact Team Cul de Sac’s Chris Sparks at for further information.






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We just posted a MASSIVE Indie Island guest list update on our site! This update includes new creators who are knocking our socks off like Aaron Conley (Sabertooth Swordsman), James Callahan (The Auteur) to longtime heroes of  the indie scene like Jeff Smith (Bone), Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise). So go check it out and then get your HeroesCon 3 day passes so you don’t miss the fun!


CREATORS! Artists Alley tables are on sale now! These spaces are available first-come-first-served and they usually go fast! Reserve your space today!


Heroes Convention is in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 20-22 2014. Get your 3 day passes today! The full guest list (so far) is here.



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“Cool shirt! Where’d you get it?”

“I got it at HeroesCon, it’s a blast, and you should come with me next year!”

This is how I imagine the conversation going when your friends see you in your SWEET HeroesCon 2013 t-shirts. This year we have 3 to choose from!

Lee Weeks provides the art for our HeroesCon souvenir t-shirt featuring Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer. Classic!

We’re trying something new with our Indie Island shirts this year. First off, we have 2 designs for you to choose from. Both are awesome! One is by Jim Rugg and the other by Dustin Harbin.

What’s different is t-shirts will be printed live at the show! Our friends The Fine Print Shoppe will be set up at the back wall of Indie Island at AA-35 & 36, taking orders, and printing your shirt right there! Pick your design and then choose the color of your shirt! We’ll have lots of options and I can’t wait to see a rainbow of Indie Island shirts walking around the show!  Just like in recent years, all of these t-shirts are available for just $20! Add these to your shopping list, and represent Heroes in style!



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HeroesCon is officially less than 2 weeks away and we’re still announcing great guests! Table assignments are now listed on our Guest List, Indie Island, Artists Alley, and Exhibitors pages and our Panel Schedule will be up shortly. See you soon!

Heroes Convention is in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 7-9 2013. Get your 3 day passes today! Our full guest list (so far) is here.



DUANE BALLENGER – Artist: Haunted Samidge, Uptight, Wide Awake 666

FRANK BARBIERE – Writer: Five Ghosts, The White Suits, Blackout

SCOTT BEADERSTADT – Artist: Troll Lords, Archie: Superteens, The Mummy

NATHAN EDOMDSON – Writer: The Activity, Who is Jake Ellis, Dream Merchant, Grifter

CLAY & SUSAN GRIFFITH – Writers: Vampire Empire Trilogy, The Tick

YAYA HAN – Costume Designer/Cosplayer

KOYAMA PRESS – Publisher: Everything Takes Forever, Lose, Sunday In The Park With Boys

JOE PRUETT – Writer/Publisher: Desperado Publishing

MATTHEW ROSENBERG – Writer: Twelve Reasons To Die, Menu, Intellectual Property




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What?! Ultron’s not Indie! He is too! This Ultron is so Indie he’s not even the right colors!

Ultron is here to let you know about today’s Big Guest List update focusing on Indie Island. So go check it out and then get your HeroesCon 3 day passes so you don’t miss the fun!

Here’s hoping you forgive me for my goofy jokes and Mr. Dorkin forgives me for desecrating his cool Ultron drawing.

Heroes Convention is in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 7-9 2013. Get your 3 day passes today! The full guest list (so far) is here.





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Thanks to everyone for making our 30th Anniversary HeroesCon so great! Here are some links to what others saw and did at the show. More memories and photos from HeroesCon 2012 to come! Please share your photos and links with us on our Facebook page! Thanks again and we’ll see you next year, June 7-9, 2013! If you miss your friends from HeroesCon please visit our store!

Scott C.
Henry Eudy at Shannon Smith’s File Under Other
Cory Godbey
Josh Greathouse
Jason Latour
Brian Ralph
Christian Sager
Ben TowlePart Two
Skottie Young

The Beat – HeroesCon proves Thirty is Fabulous
Bleeding Cool
CBR – When Words Collide
Charlotte Observer Interview with Karla Marsh
Chris Sims’ Jack Kirby themed sketchbook
Comics News Insider
Comics Reporter – Interview with Heroes Creative Director
The Comixverse
Good Girls Gone Geek
Life with Fandom
Patrick’s Tentative Ramblings
Staton, The Obvious

Photo Parade
Fantasy Writing with Bill Wilingham, Scott Snyder and Adam Hughes
Coloring with Laura Martin
DC’s New 52
Wonder Woman

Heather Peagler
Chris Pitzer/AdHouse
Patrick Sun

Comic News Insider
Shut Up Nerds

Stack Exchange:
Joe Quinones & Maris Wicks
Kelly Sue DeConnick
Dean Trippe




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We are happy to welcome Neal Adams back to HeroesCon this June 22-24! Thanks to everyone who attended last year and met Neal on his first visit to HeroesCon; you must have made a great impression! Neal is a legend in the comic book industry as much for his artwork as he is for crusading for the rights of fellow creators and striking out on his own when such a thing was unheard of. Neal’s career spans decades, from classic runs on characters like X-MenGreen Arrow, Green Lantern, and Batman to his current Batman: Odyssey. Be on the lookout for The First X-Men coming soon from Neal and writer (and fellow HeroesCon 2012 guest) Christos Gage!

One of Jared Moraitis’ BeastWreck Shirts & Stuff was recently featured on an episode of NBC’s Community. Jared makes great shirts and if you buy two shirts at HeroesCon this year one of them should say BeastWreck on it! The other one will of course say HeroesCon or Indie Island.

Michel Fiffe is the creator of the comic series, Zegas, which he began publishing in 2011 as Copra Press. On top of writing and drawing Zegas, Fiffe has immersed himself in various comics projects such as editing the indie anthology Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies and conducting in-depth creator interviews for several institutions including The Comics Journal.

When he’s not working in animation,  Dan Duncan is making comics. You’ve seen his art on the latest incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and on the beautifully painted covers of Xenoholics. Catch this guy before he and his crew are super famous and don’t have time for you. Ah, he’d make time anyway, Dan is a super nice guy.

Artist Tom Lyle is also returning to HeroesCon next month.  Tom’s illustrated numerous books like Spider-man, Robin, Punisher and Batman.  He’s also an instructor at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), who he’ll be setting up with again this year.

Get your 3-day passes for $30 here!



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Kalman Andrasofszky got his start doing illustration for roleplaying games. In 2003 Kalman co-created and illustrated the comic book series iCandy for DC. From there he has gone on to freelance extensively for Marvel, DC, Image Comics, Top Cow and BOOM! Studios. He’s produced art and covers for such titles as Spider-man, Action Comics, X-Men, Captain America, Dazzler, NYX, Tomb of Dracula, Checkmate, and GI Joe. He just finished a great run as cover artist on X-23 for Marvel.

Paul Azaceta has lent his gorgeous artwork to titles such as Amazing Spider-manB.P.R.D.: 1946, and Daredevil. He’s currently illustrating the genre-bending Graveyard of Empires with his Grounded collaborator, Mark Sable. Pick up that Grounded trade paperback if you see it, it’s good comics!

We’d like to welcome back our pal Ivan Brandon to HeroesCon, it’s been a while since he’s been able to attend the show and we’re happy to have him back! Ivan is a writer with a resume to be reckoned with! You know him from his work on NYC Mech, his 24Seven anthologies, Viking, and his recently completed run on Men of War. Look for his work on Wolverine #309 in July featuring art by our friend and HeroesCon guest Jason Latour!

Becky Cloonan had such a great time at her 1st HeroesCon last year (thanks to all you great fans!) that she had to come back! It’s pretty amazing how many comics she’s made since last year! Becky is currently working on Conan the Barbarian with Brian Wood, and just finished up some great B.P.R.D. coversHopefully she’ll have copies of her new comic The Mire (a follow-up to last year’s Wolves) at the show, get to her table early!

Patrick Dean and Robert Newsome are the organizers of Fluke, a mini-comic and zine show down in Athens Georgia. They’ll be here promoting that awesome show and selling their own minis and zines, so make sure you pay them a visit in Indie Island.

Josh Latta and Brad McGinty will also be hanging out in Indie Island. These are two of the funniest and most creative guys you will meet at our show. Make sure you stop by their tables and check out their great variety of hilarious and beautifully illustrated mini-comics. Non-Comics Bonus- Behold the genius of Brad McGinty!

Did you happen to see the most beautiful book of 2011, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand? Well the guy who adapted Tale of Sand into a lush treat for the eyes is Ramón Pérez and we’re happy to say he is coming to Charlotte for his first HeroesCon! Ramón is no rookie though, he’s been making great comic for years. Check out his webcomics, Kukuburi and ButternutSquash.

Drew Weing’s Set to Sea continues to attract new readers.  He is also known for his mini-comics and webcomics including BlarPup and The Journal Comic. He is an incredibly talented creator and we are thrilled to have him back in Indie Island for another year!



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It’s a Mega-Monday HeroesCon Guest List Update! Here are some of the recent additions to our ever-growing list of guests who will join us for our 30th Anniversary!

Roger Langridge has been an anchor of Indie Island for years now, and we’re happy he’ll be back again with us this year!  Roger’s probably best known for his work on books like The Muppet Show and Fred the Clown, but he’s also garnered acclaim for his writing on the all ages Thor: The Mighty Avenger and John Carter: A Princess of Mars, Marvel’s adaptation of the classic novel.  Currently, he’s writing and illustrating the popular all ages title, Snarked, and is writing IDW’s brand new Popeye series.  Make sure to stop by and welcome back one of our industry’s nicest folks.

We’re also happy to have the entire creative team from IDW’s brand new magic-based title, Smoke and Mirrors!  Co-writer Jon Armstrong brings a bevy of magic experience to the book, as he’s a respected magician and a consulting imagineer for Disney.  Stay tuned to the Heroes Blog as we get closer to HeroesCon.  Mr. Armstrong may indeed be a part of a magic panel at the show!  Co-creator/artist Ryan Browne will also be with us this year.  In addition to Smoke and Mirrors, you might’ve seen Browne’s work on other titles like Image’s Monstro-City, and God Hates Astronauts and Blast Furnace, both of which he wrote and illustrated.  Rounding out our Smoke and Mirrors attendees is co-creator/co-writer Mike Costa.  Along with work on Monstro-City, Mike’s also been working on high profile books like G.I. Joe, Blackhawks and Transformers.

Writer/artist Colleen Coover also returns to HeroesCon this year!  With work on titles like Tails of the Pet Avengers, X-men: First Class, Power Pack and Jim Henson’s Storyteller, she has become one of the industry’s best when it comes to all ages books.  She’s also done work on books like Creepy Quarterly and Gingerbread Girl, the latter of which was co-created by fellow guest Paul Tobin.  Paul has also garnered attention for his writing on numerous Marvel Adventures titles, as well as Spider-man & the Secret Wars, Spider-girl, and the recent Bionic Woman series.

In addition to being our guest at Free Comic Book Day this year, writer/artist Jay Potts will also be with us for HeroesCon!  Jay’s the creative force behind World of Hurt, the internet’s #1 blaxploitation webcomic.  World of Hurt is a really great webcomic, and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already.  Jay’s a spot-on writer and a really talented illustrator, too.  Make sure to stop by and see him at FCBD and HeroesCon!

If you’re a regular customer at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, you probably know Bridgit Scheide as one of our retail staffers.  In addition to that, she’s also been gaining a lot of attention in recent years for her comics!  Along with earlier works like Kindle, Bridgit is the writer/artist of Brother Nash, and a contributer to anthologies like Death Curse.   She’s also provided design work for some upcoming Atomic Robo stories.

Matthew Southworth is probably best known the artist of the popular crime noir series Stumptown, but he also illustrated the popular Spider-Man: The Grim Hunt storyline, along with books like Thunderbolts, Spider-girl and Infinity, Inc.  It’s Matthew’s first time coming to HeroesCon, so make sure to welcome him this year.

Indie Island regular Shannon Smith also makes a return to HeroesCon this year.  He’s the creator of books like #RockingSoHard, mini comics like Brush & Pen, Small Bible and Spaghetti Junktion.  Shannon’s just one of our many great Indie Island guests this year, and we’ll have more guests to announce soon, so keep checking the Heroes Blog for weekly updates!




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Oh man! Did you read that headline? Jaime Hernandez is coming back to HeroesCon this year! We are so happy to welcome this modern master of comics back to Charlotte. We’re both celebrating 30th Anniversaries after all! 30 years ago Jaime and his brothers began creating Love & Rockets and, judging from the last 2 amazing books in that series, we’re happy to say Jaime’s best work may still be ahead of him!

Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer are becoming like family to us! We’re so happy they’re made HeroesCon one of their regular stops for the summer and we’re sure you are too! Stop by their table to get your shiny new Milk and Cheese and Beasts of Burden hardcovers signed!

Since Tom Hart was awarded the Xeric Grant in 1994 he has gone on to publish Hutch Owen in almost every iteration possible. Aside from cartooning Tom is currently the Director of the Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, FL and we are very happy to welcome him to what I believe is his first HeroesCon!

More fresh names added to our Indie Island guest list today are:

  • Robin Holstein -Snow White: Through A Glass, Darkly
  • Ashley Holt – Mr. Product, Bedbugs: the Dream Diary of Ashley Holt
  • Jackie Lewis – Play Ball
  • David Mack – Steak and Cake, Cemetery, Wolf City, OTTO, Some Things I’ve Dreamed
  • Chad Thomas – Mega Man, Tricky Journeys
  • Ben Towle – Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean, Oyster War, Midnight Sun, Farewell Georgia
  • Joey Weiser – Cavemen In Space, The Ride Home, Flight, Superior Showcase

The entire HeroesCon guest list is here and you get get your Advance 3 Day passes here!