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KARLA’S PICK :: DR. MANHATTAN #2: If you’ve been following the new Before Watchmen series, you know that this is not just any prequel. The artist and writers working on these new titles are true fans of the characters they are bringing to life. That has never been more apparent than in the new Dr. Manhattan series by J. Michael Straczynski, John Higgins, and Adam Hughes. If you are a fan of Mr. Hughes’ artwork, this book will not disappoint. With Adam on covers and interiors, this book is not only captivating for its storytelling, but for its impeccable art as well. It’s a can’t miss for me.




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JUSTIN’S PICK :: V FOR VENDETTA BOOK AND MASK SET: Just in time for Halloween, you too can don the mask of everyone’s favorite anarchist dandy (just don’t wear it into the gas station). And to sweeten the deal, you get a copy of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s masterful tale of poetic terrorism in totalitarian Britain. If you’ve only seen the film adaptation, you’re doing yourself a great disservice; V is truly one of Moore’s greatest accomplishments.

ANDY’S PICK :: V FOR VENDETTA BOOK AND MASK SET: Need a Halloween costume? Need to read one of the best graphic novels ever written (you heard me–EVER!!)?  Well then, look no further and do all your shopping with a single gift set. Vertigo is offering said gift set that includes V for Vendetta the graphic masterpiece written by Alan Moore and gorgeously drawn by David Lloyd along with a beautifully rendered Guy Fawkes mask just like the one worn by Vendetta’s main character V as he attempts to save a future Britain from itself.  Explosives sold separately. The time (to buy) is October 3rd. This is the voice of FATE. Heroesonline prevails!




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What makes a good comic book is up for debate. Content-wise, there is no real consensus to be polled. But if the prevailing business model at the Big Two is any indication, good comic books come from the Big Event. There’s a definite thrill to seeing our humble little industry mentioned in grown up newspapers when editors pull stunts like guest-starring the President, but the constant barrage of reboot and crossover can also grow tiresome and desensitizing. It can leave an audience a little cold, especially after the initial buzz of the press release.
It almost goes without saying that no event straddled the gulf between content and concept quite like DC’s Before Watchmen. When the project was announced, the Interwebs lit up with endless flame wars about the merits of such an undertaking. The lines were drawn with a clarity and conviction that was palpable, even for the obsessive comic book fan. Now that DC has completed the roll-out last week with the first issue of Dr. Manhattan, here’s a bucket list of how the books measure up to their source material. (Note: the following views are the author’s own and do not represent Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, Inc. or any of its affiliates – ed.)
Click through for Justin’s Before Watchmen Report Card!


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DOUG’S PICK :: BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZYMANDIAS  #2: Jae Lee art!  Jae Lee art!  Jae Lee art!  Need I say more?  Ozymandias is the best of the Before Watchmen books and the closest in tone to the original series.


HEROES DISCUSSION GROUP :: MAUS by Art Spiegelman :: September 1st, 2012

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First of all, I personally want to thank all of you who attended our three discussions from HeroesCon weekend.  Oz with Skottie Young (thank you Heather!), Batman: Black Mirror with Snyder and Francavilla (thank you Jason!) and Love and Rockets: New Stories with Jaime Hernandez (thank you Mr. Hernandez!).
Now that we are all rested up, it is time to get back to our regular Discussion Group schedule!
First up–
August: Discussion #48: Plan to join us on Saturday, September 1st as we tackle the graphic novel that is certainly one of the most critically acclaimed, vastly read and most often discussed:  The Pulitzer Prize winning story of the Holocaust–Maus by Art Spiegelman.
This is a major work and should be read by all serious comic readers.  The discussion topics are many, but the three primary points I’d like to cover are as follows:  (more…)