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From Our Family To Yours,
We Wish You ALL

May your homes and your hearts be warm on this chilly Christmas Holiday!
We THANK YOU ALL for making our Holiday’s a little brighter!

We will CLOSE AT 5PM on
Saturday, December 24
to spend time with our Loved Ones.

We will be CLOSED on

Sunday, December 25
for the Christmas Holiday!

We will reopen for regular business hours on Monday, December 26 from 10AM-7PM.


Merry Christmas From HEROES!!

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Not Just Because It’s Christmas,
But Because Without You, And Your Continued Support,
There Would Be NO HEROES…


We Appreciate Each And Every One Of You.

We Thank You For Being A Part Of Our
Heroes Family Throughout The Years,
Especially When Those Years Are 2020 and 2021.
We Wish You All Good Tidings,
Good Health, And The Very Best
For A Very Happy New Year!


We Will Be Open On Christmas Eve, December 24 from 10AM-6PM
We Will Be CLOSED On Christmas Day
We Will Reopen On Sunday, December 26 from 1PM-6PM




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Celebrate the holidays with us THIS WEEKEND, December 15th from 10 am to 9 pm and December 16th from 1 to 6 pm, at our Annual Holiday Sale! The sale is actually going on now but it will expand this weekend. Shelton has pulled out all the stops! We will have crazy discounts on back-issues, trades, and statues. In addition to that, Seth has been building a massive $1 25¢ stock of great comics. This is good stuff that would normally be in our $1 sale, hurry in for the best selection!

Plus, all new comics and trades will be at least 10% off! Shelley and the rest of the crew have been tirelessly cleaning and decorating in preparation for our big event and we will be ready to answer questions, help you locate items and give you recommendations. Be sure to stop by the store this weekend to stock up on presents for friends, family and yourself. You are not going to want to miss this sale!

Still not sure what to get that certain someone for Christmas? The holiday sale is a perfect time to pick up your 3-day pass for HeroesCon 2013! Still only $30, (until January 1st!) makes a great gift for that hard-to-shop-for comics fan.Buy them here!

Also, new comics will arrive Wednesday, December 26th with no holiday delay! Check the new releases list here. We can’t wait to see you this weekend!




December 01, 2011 By: Andy Mansell Category: DISCUSS, EVENTS, Heroes Aren't Hard To Find, Sale!, Special Offers

It’s Christmas and we’ve all once again secured our spots on the “Good List” (except for Heroes’ own Phil Southern, but that’s a story for another day..).

There’s only one thing better than Christmas morning and that’s a Christmas with presents purchased from Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find.

But what to ask for? The ideal gift should be something you’d not readily purchase for yourself on any given Wednesday.

But what if you asked a family member or friend for that same comics-related item and…what if Heroes was having a HUGE SALE …what if that sale was THIS WEEKEND????

Well, this is the season of miracles and here are some items for you folks (to receive or give!) who have been pretty darn good this year (excluding of course the aforementioned Phil).

Parker Martini Edition by Darwyn Cooke

This edition contains both of the Parker Graphic Novels, The Hunter and The Outfit plus a new short story plus 70(!) pages of bonus material including bits by Ed Brubaker, Tom Spurgeon, and Abby Westlake! The Parker books are as good as you’ve heard–they are as good as it gets.You absolutely MUST read them and this gorgeous Martini Edition looks great on any bookshelf or coffee table.

Just take a gander inside:

Sadly, my copy is no longer in mint condition due to my excessive salivating.

The Walking Dead Omnibus

I know what you’re thinking–560 pages of Zombie Comics–no way. When we scheduled this book for the Discussion Group, I felt the same way UNTIL I READ the first 12 issues.
And the only thing better than reading a lot of The Walking Dead is reading the comic and then watching the AMC series as an accoutrement. Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard have created a horror masterpiece.

Literary note: If you purchase more than one omnibus, you are allowed (by law) to use the word omnibi even though it is not really a word, but hey, these are zombies we’re dealing with here.

Bone 20th Anniversary Full Color One Volume Collected Box Set

You know you want it. It is the complete collection one of the most fun, exciting comic-reading experiences around. Get it for the kids– it is a perfect starter comic for both boys and girls or use the kids as an excuse and get it for yourself. It is just a stunning piece of comic story telling. I envy any of you that have yet to read it and can experience it for the first time. And this Box Set is the perfect way to read it.

MAD Fold-In Collection

Every dang time (pardon my french!) I go into the store, I have a stare-down with this mammoth two volume set that contains every one of the great Al Jaffee’s fold-ins which ran on the back inside cover of every issue of MAD since LBJ was President. Each fold-in is presented in a before-and-after state so you can enjoy the book without having to trash it!.

You must buy this–you will buy this. (see? if you folded in that last sentence, it would say “You must buy this”)

Gahan Wilson 50 years of Playboy Cartoons

This is one of the best books of the past year (or so). Gahan Wilson is the true heir apparent to New Yorker comic weirdo Charles Addams. His comics are twisted, macabre, beautifully rendered and above all–laugh out loud funny. This 3 volume set belongs in every serious comic fan’s library. It contains over 1000 cartoons – here’s just one example of Wilson’s genius:

Rather smartly, I’m not going to try to make a joke after the master has spoken….

75 Years of DC Comics

Winner of the 2011 Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best Comics-Related Book of the Year!
We’ve all seen it in the back of the store; you know we all want it; and we all deserve it–even Phil!

Serving Suggestion: Author Paul Levitz not included

But wait….. there is still more!

STATUES! C’mon fess up– you know you want a statue, me too. And we all deserve a statue (Phil?–well, it’s a toss-up) and the statues will be discounted from 10 to 70 percent!!!! Shelton Drum (aka The Big Kahuna) loves to deal on these Sale weekends. Just don’t call him The Big Kahuna.These statues are priced to move — from the store shelf to under your tree.

If statues aren’t your thing (what –were you born in a barn??) howzabout Toon Tumblers. These terrific glasses will work for any potent (and non-potent) potables. Flavors include Superman,Teen Titans, Joker, Robin, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Captain America, Flash, Spider-Man, Deadpool and a JLA Pitcher.

So for goodness sake,visit Heroes this weekend–Saturday and Sunday December 3rd and 4th and if you buy a Toon Tumbler, for God’s sake use a coaster (unless you really were born in a barn, then, never mind!)

And have the decency not to mention coal around Phil Southern.

Be there…..