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YARD SALE 9-8-18 (3)

Thanks to all who joined us for last weekend’s Heroes Warehouse Sale! We appreciate all of you who fought the heat (some of you for hours on end!) to dig through our sale stocks. We know many of you were traveling for the holiday and couldn’t make it. While we hope you enjoyed the holiday, we also feel bad that some of you missed out on the sale, so we decided to throw a sequel of sorts – this very weekend! While there will be a few comics and trade paperbacks to dig through, there will be many other kinds of things to shop for, including furniture, art, frames and framed art, toys, glassware and mugs, bookshelves, dishes, lamps, dvds knicks and knacks, and much more!

Join us this Saturday from ‘very early’ to ‘very late’ and Sunday from ‘pretty early’ to ‘kinda late’ for Shelton’s Yard Sale/Heroes Warehouse Sale (part II)! Like last weekend, this sale will take place under a big tent behind our shop. Come pick through some of Shelton’s non-comic collections and take advantage of some crazy deals. In doing so, you’ll also be helping us make room for even more comics in our new warehouse!

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Anyone who makes a purchase from the yard sale will get a coupon for an immediate discount on any same day in-store purchase you make. Non-reserve customers will get 10% off any new comic or trade paperback purchases, and reserve customers will get 25% off all new comics and trade paperback purchases if everything is purchased from your reserve bag. This is a great opportunity to clear out your reserve bag for an extra discount! Consider this the first of many Pop Up sales we hope to offer our customers. Make sure you sign up for our weekly newsletters and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You never know when our next pop up sale will be announced!

Shelton corner box art by Bridgit Connell





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Black Hammer Vol 1


Ever finish a comic and wish there was someone to discuss it with? Now’s your opportunity, as we bring back an old Heroes favorite during this weekend’s Labor Day sale. Join us this Saturday, September 1 at 2:00 P.M. for a brand new chapter of the Heroes Discussion Group! After much deliberation over what book to discuss, we settled on a favorite of both our staff and customers: Black Hammer volume 1: Secret Origins.

If you enjoyed the first volume of Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s breakout superhero mystery, then be sure to stop on by the shop this Saturday for a lively discussion about legacy, rebirth, discovery and much more. This time around, the discussions will be jointly led by veteran discusser Andy Mansell and our well-read young staffer Samuel M. Reynolds-Oosting.

We couldn’t be more excited to share conversation about some of our shop’s favorite authors and illustrators with fellow customers and readers! It’s always a great part of our local comics community, and we hope you’ll join us for this discussion and some of the other exciting ones we’ll be announcing soon! Don’t forget, the discussion starts this Saturday at 2 P.M., but the Labor Day sale kicks off at 10 A.M. and runs all the way until 10 P.M. on Saturday, with Sunday and Monday’s hours both being 10 A.M. – 6 P.M. 

-The Heroes Discussion Committee  (also known as Andy, Sam and Seth)



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staff_picksjustin_staff_picksJUSTIN’S PICK :: MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS ACTIVITY BOOK FACSIMILE COLLECTION(phew) Like most fans of my generation, I am a victim of nostalgia. No industry exploits that propensity quite like comic books. Alongside a cache of Silver Age treasures and unreliable TV reruns, Marvel/Mattel’s Secret Wars toy line was one of my earliest touchstones for the characters I grew to love. In anticipation of its Big Summer Event incarnation, Marvel is releasing this activity book facsimile collection. I don’t think I even had this as a kid, which makes owning it now even more imperative. ‘The specifics weren’t important,’ reads a particularly illuminating appendix in the trade paperback collection of the original Secret Wars series, ‘as long as it featured unique designs that could be made into toys, and as long as it was called “Secret Wars” – two words Mattel had found tested well with adolescent boys.’ Creepy as grown men dispassionately analyzing children may be, the marketing works: thirty years on, and I’m still buying this stuff. Score one for target demographics.




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Shelton_Charlotte_ComiconIt’s been almost 2 months since HeroesCon and all of the pressure, excitement and stress that brings to Heroes and to me personally. The volume builds for months before the show every year and takes some time to settle down afterwards. The one aspect of HeroesCon that I regret every year is that I don’t get to spend enough, if any, time behind my table selling and trading comics with attending fans. I love old comics. I love handling and talking about old comics. I love buying and selling old comics.

My long-time friends and associates in the Charlotte comic-collecting community Rick Fortenberry and Dave Hinson are holding their Charlotte Comicon this Sunday at the Crown Plaza Executive Park Hotel (formerly the Marriott) off of Tyvola Rd and I-77. I love this show! I’ll tell you why. I can go set up my stock of comics and spend a whole day immersed in old funnybooks and talking to local collectors. Many customers are old friends and the war stories and tall tales are fun to recount, but I always meet new fans and collectors every time this show is held. This con is like a day off for me and I can’t wait.

Come join us this Sunday for a full day of fun, collecting and reminiscing about the comics and characters we all love.


*photo by Todd Lacey



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KARLA’S PICK :: CRIMINAL MACABRE: THEY FIGHT BY NIGHT (ONE-SHOT): Cal McDonald is back, just in time for the elections! What monstrous mayhem will Mr. McDonald encounter in this one-shot by one of my favorite writers, horror/mystery aficionado, Steve Niles?? Who knows?!?! Rest assured, Niles will give you a story you can sink your teeth into, and Cal McDonald is always worth checking in on…even if you’re not a Criminal Macabre junkie!



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The Heroes Pop Swap is taking over the Heroes perimeter! Visit the store next Saturday and not only will you find the usual great selection of comics inside our store but lots of great stuff surrounding the store too! On Saturday, October 27th, 2012 from 10am until 4pm folks will be set up selling their creations and collectibles to you! Here are just a few of the items people have let us know will be for sale at their tables:

  • Comic books
  • Trade Paperbacks
  • Comic Strip Collections
  • Minicomics
  • Original Art
  • Action Figures
  • Movie Memorabilia
  • Posters
  • Vinyl Records
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Toys
  • Manga
  • Crafts
  • Video Games
  • a Jetpack!

It’s also a great time to put on your Halloween costume  for a test run! Get ready for some good times and some great shopping!

Let us know you’ll be attending on our Facebook page! (If you’re a vendor at the show please post photos of some of the goodies you’ll have for sale!)

Check out our Flickr page for a few photos from last year’s event!

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