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SETH’S PICK :: MISTER X: EVICTION #1: It’s true that this Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, and while you know we’ll have plenty of quality free comics to give you, I’d encourage you to ease through the crowds and find this book on the genre side of the store.  If you don’t know about the character or any of Motter’s work, I’d encourage you to give it a look.  When Mister X appeared in the early eighties, it brought several novel elements into American comics, like art deco design, stylish noir, and even German Expressionism.  Beyond the book’s intelligence, just look at a list of its contributers (Jaime Hernandez, Seth, Dave McKean and more) to find reasons to read this title.  It’s a beautiful book that continues to deliver strong stories and design.  This first issue of a new miniseries is a great place to learn about the character, as is the recent Mister X: Hard Candy one shot that collected new Motter material from Dark Horse Presents.  And if scholarly comics don’t do it for you, there’s always Hawkeye #10 out this week.  It just so happens that this issue is the first of the series to feature art from Francesco Francavilla, who will be among the guests at Heroes for the FCBD excitement this Saturday.  Get him to sign a copy and a few of his excellent Black Beetle issues while you’re at it.




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SETH’S PICK :: BLACK BEETLE #2: In a week where there are several books I’m interested in picking up (Nova, Thor, Avengers, Baltimore, Captain America), I find myself being most excited about Black Beetle.  After just 2 issues (0 and 1), it’s a given that this series will deliver a certain level of quality and entertainment.  This shouldn’t really be a surprise, since it’s being written and drawn by Eisner winner Francesco Francavilla.  I guess the thing that stands out most about this book in my mind is that, while it is full of wonderful art, a memborable pulpy character, and lots of energy, the book feels almost effortless.  It’s a simple and fun read, and while you know lots of hard work went into it, the work doesn’t tax the reader.  For that reason, it reminds me of Hellboy.  Both titles have an insane amount of planning and execution in them, but you can pick up any issue knowing you’ll get a well-crafted comic that entertains you just as much as it impresses you with its craftsmanship. 



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SETH’S FAVORITES OF 2012 :: It’s been an eclectic year for comics.  Amid all the relaunches and reboots, company-wide crossovers and such, there were still some truly entertaining books that caught my attention.  It’s like I always say, you might not like everything new, and might not like the directions of some books or companies, but if you take the time to look around, you’ll find plenty of quality comics to enjoy.

Favorite Super-hero Book of 2012Wolverine and the X-men/Hawkeye: I couldn’t narrow it down to one.  Wolverine and the X-men, in spite of having to weave in and out of the giant Avengers vs. X-men story, managed to be one of the most consistently joyous comics of the year for me.  Much of this is owed to writer Jason Aaron, who kept the tone of the book consistent, which may well have been a challenge this year.  Kudos also to artists Chris Bachalo and Nick Bradshaw for matching the energy and humor in Aaron’s scripts, and adding their own unique takes on these characters.



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JUSTIN’S PICK :: HELLBOY IN HELL #1: While all the staff at Heroes are friendly and familiar, at times our tastes can run pretty different. It results in some genuinely good conversation (and good-natured ribbing) but if there were any staff-wide consensus, Mignola-drawn Hellboy would have to be it. I’m sure I’m not the only one picking this, and that should tell you something (i.e. BUY IT).



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RICO’S PICK :: HOUSE OF FUN (ONE-SHOT): Serious comics are for kids! Us grown-ups like our comics violent and hilarious! Thankfully Dark Horse presents all of Evan Dorkin’s hilarious comics from their recent Dark Horse Presents series without all those other “serious” comics Dark Horse presented. It features Milk and Cheese, Murder Family, the return of The Eltingville Comic Book, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Role-Playing Club, tons of new strips, and more. Whether you like your comics hilariously violent or violently hilarious, House of Fun has something for you!



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ANDY’S PICK :: NEXUS OMNIBUS TP VOL 01: One of the most influential (and BEST!) comic book series of the late eighties/early nineties was NEXUS written by Mike Baron and drawn by Steve Rude.  Dark Horse has released a very affordable soft cover Omnibus edition that collects the first 14 issues of Nexus’ adventures.  Nexus tells the epic story– set in our distant future– of a man who is given immense super-powers so he can dispense justice upon known serial killers throughout the galaxy.  The plots are exciting and the writing is crisp and very witty, the characters are original and memorable but it is the art by Steve Rude that makes this series (and this omnibus) truly essential reading. Rude is able to pack each panel with so many details of the alien worlds that Baron creates, but it never, ever bogs down the fluid story telling.  The story moves across the page as if you are watching a movie.  These are terrific comics and know this–Volume 2 will be even better.


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Even when you work at a comic shop, sometimes you forget when a new book is hitting shelves.  You might even read over the New Releases the Friday before a new shipment comes in, and still manage to overlook something good.  It’s not until you’re unpacking new comics that you see it and think, “How did I miss that?”  This is what happened to me a few weeks ago with Dark Horse’s new release of Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine.  Like many of you, I also live on a budget.  Yeah, it’s the first Shaolin Cowboy book to be produced in years, and sure it’s got art from creator Geof Darrow and Gary Gianni, but should I spend $15.99 on it this week?




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JUSTIN’S PICK :: RAGEMOOR HC: Jan Strnad and Richard Corben conjure an atmospheric tale of true horror within the walls of Ragemoor, a living, sentient castle. Along the way they hit notes sci-fi and crime, too. If you passed up this four-issue miniseries in favor of the inevitable collection, your wait is over. If you picked up the singles and just want a good looking book to brag about on your bookshelf, this’ll suit your needs.




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Trust me, I get it.  Money’s tight for a lot of us, and when you plop down $3.99 for a twenty page comic, you expect it to at least be worth the cost of admission.  It’s easy to buy a monthly title just because you always have.  It unconsciously becomes more about the routine than the book itself, and inevitably gets to be frustrating when you keep buying the book in spite of your waning interesting in it.  Some readers understandably turn to the act of “trade waiting,” or foregoing the purchase of a monthly title in favor of the more affordable trade paperback.  Still, the monthly comic book holds potential that isn’t always appreciated in these jaded times.  Here’s a brief look at what I think is one of the most underappreciated, innovative monthly comics on the stands today: Matt Kindt’s Mind Mgmt. (more…)



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It’s no secret to readers of this blog that my husband/Heroes blogger Seth loves all things Hellboy, but he has been completely unable to get me to read anything outside of Hellboy Jr. and the Beasts of Burden crossover one-shot.  There’s no real reason for my stance on this.  I liked the Hellboy movies, but that’s more about my love for Ron Perlman in beastly make-up than any particular attachment to the Hellboy storyline.  (While we’re on Mr. Perlman, can we all have the warm fuzzies again about the Make-A-Wish kid and Hellboy story from this summer?) Anyhoo, back to comics…Seth has full shelves in our house dedicated to Hellboy and B.P.R.D., but they had been gathering dust where I was concerned until recently.

At this year’s HeroesCon, I stumbled into a conversation between B.P.R.D. artists Jason Latour and James Harren in which I mentioned that I had not read B.P.R.D. and I wasn’t sure it was for me.  Not daunted at all by my hesitation, Jason immediately suggested that I start with Plague of Frogs and assured me that I would like it.  August rolled around without me picking up any of the trades on our shelves until I had a week without many new comics in my reserve bag and decided to pull volume 3 and it give it a go.  Cut to about a week and half later and I am about to start volume 13. (more…)