STAFF PICKS :: Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: “Trail Of The Unicorn” (Vol. 6) (The Carl Barks Library) :: APRIL 23, 2014

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staff_picks andy_staff_picksANDY’S PICK :: Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: “Trail Of The Unicorn”: I will not rest until everyone is reading these reasonably priced and beautifully designed and edited volumes of  Carl Barks’ Disney Duck masterpieces.  This is the 6th volume to be published by Fantagraphics and every one of them are great. You can purchases ANY single one of them and read them in any order.  Fantagraphics is not even bothering to number the series, so readers can just jump in anywhere they want.  Gasp! That goes against everything our passion/hobby usually requires. But these are arguably some of the greatest comics ever published. And they are as vital and funny today as they were when they were first published over 65 years ago.  Each volume includes a handful of the Donald duck full length adventures and the, marvelous 10 pages as well as a number of single page gag cartoons. And each volume contains short essays about each story from some of the best critics and comic writers around. Please buy this volume–Trail of the Unicorn or any other volume Justin keeps  on the shelf. You can’t lose!



HEROES DISCUSSION GROUP :: Carl Barks’ Donald Duck :: April 28th

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If you were to ask just about any longtime comic book fans to name the five greatest comic creators of all time, it is a fair bet that the name Carl Barks would appear just as often as any of the other comic greats– if not more.
Even if you’ve never read any of his Disney Duck stories, you are certainly familiar with his name and his reputation.
Please plan to join us on Saturday Afternoon April 28th at 1:00pm as we sit down enjoy a beverage or three and examine the Great Duck Man’s work with Donald Duck Lost in the Andesthe first volume of Fantagraphics Carl Barks Library Series.
The book contains 4 classic full length adventures (20 pages each), 9 short stories (10 pages each) and 7 single page gag selections.  The edition is annotated with an introduction and Story Notes from a number of Comic critics and Barks historians.
Topics will include:
  • How Barks juggles adventure and comedy in his stories
  • The character of Donald  Duck– how do we read him and his ever-changing motivations
  • Page layout– how Barks keeps the eye moving down the page and pauses just long enough for a chuckle before pushing the adventure forward.
  • How these stories work in an all ages format without sacrificing storytelling and characterization.
  • Are the stories timeless or do they reflect the era in which they were created 1948-49.
  • And much, much more!
I promise this– you are in for a real treat.  Donald Duck Lost in the Andes by Carl Barks is available from Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find for $24.99.  As always, we are offering the Heroes Discussion Group 10% discount–just remember to mention it to the clerk when you check out.
See you on Saturday April 28th!