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Over the past several years, writer Matt Fraction has produced a varied body of work, ranging from big company events like Fear Itself, to smaller, character driven books like Immortal Iron Fist.¬†¬†Let’s not forget he also managed to write¬†fifty-plus issues of Invincible Iron Man and still maintains¬†creator owned projects like Casanova.¬†¬†Fraction currently reunited with Iron Fist collaborator David Aja¬†on¬†the critically acclaimed Hawkeye series, and is taking over Fantastic Four and FF as¬†part of the¬†Marvel Now event.¬† Plus, Image announced that he’ll be working on even more upcoming creator¬†owned titles for them in the near future.¬† With all these irons in the fire, Matt still¬†found¬†time to¬†answer a few questions, and I¬†appreciate it.

Seth Peagler (SP): First off, congratulations on what ended up being a long and successful run on¬†Invincible Iron Man. Have you had a chance to reflect on your tenure? (more…)



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Seth’s Pick :: Hawkeye #3: You’re a normal guy who happens to have a pretty high profile day job.¬† It just so happens it’s a high stress, high risk gig.¬† Your co-workers include a big guy who walks around like he’s a god, an old soldier who casts a shadow on everyone, and a rich man-child who can build or blow up whatever he wants.¬† After a long day, you go home to your modest little apartment, pet the dog, and maybe grab a bite to eat with some neighbors grilling on the roof.¬† You try to keep¬†your head down, but you can’t help sticking your nose into other¬†people’s business when you know they’re up to¬†no good.¬† You’d like to kick back, have another beer, and ignore your conscience, but you can’t help yourself.¬† Sometimes you bring work home with you even when you’re out of the uniform.

Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye is a fine comic, plain and simple.¬† It’s not too late to read one of the best monthly comics (superhero or otherwise) on the shelves.



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HEATHER’S PICK :: HAWKEYE #2: I read Hawkeye #1 at Seth’s insistence and wasn’t really expecting to enjoy it.¬† My forays into the Avengers are generally short with rapid retreats.¬† Color me surprised to not only enjoy Hawkeye #1, but to add it to my reading list each month.¬† David Aja’s art is beautiful, especially his covers, and Matt Fraction is crafting an interesting story about Hawkeye that seems to paint him a little in the vein of a modern day Robin Hood.¬† The first issue also managed to spin off at least two twitter accounts with @PizzaDog and @LandlordBro.¬† This issue promises the return of Kate Bishop, who is apparently a fan favorite I will need to learn more about.





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SETH’S PICK :: HAWKEYE #1 : I catch a lot of grief from fellow staffers for my unabashed love for¬†Hawkeye. Regardless of what you think of the character, it’s worth pointing¬†out that this series marks the return of the Matt Fraction/David Aja creative team. Their Immortal Iron First series still stands up after a few¬†years, and they should offer up a worthwhile take on the Avenging Archer.

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