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staff_picks matt_staff_picksWhy review one book when you can speak to the ginormity of this week’s publication offerings as a whole? If you have even a cursory interest in the comic book medium, this would be a great week to visit Heroes! There are a whole mess of interesting-looking books coming out this week! If you take the time to look at the “New Releases” page you’ll see what I’m carrying on about.

Here are a few titles that stand out in my tiny, little, fan-boy mind:

• Look at all that Disney awesomeness! We get the whole stable of all-stars in the same week? Mickey, Donald, and the rest! Golly!
• A bunch of ALL NEW Marvel titles for Mutant and Avenger fans alike. Extraordinary!
• DC has a respectful amount of “Batty” goodness to counteract the flood of Marvel titles being released this week. Robin and Catwoman fans rejoice!
• Huck – I like this book. So far it proves Mark Millar actually has a heart. Maybe. There is still time for him to mess it up. Oddly enough, that’s kinda the reason I keep “tuning in”. Weird, I know.
• And finally, there are two little books that may have slipped under the radar I’d hate for the casual fans to miss out on:

– Marvel’s Secret Wars comes to its Battleworld-shattering conclusion! Oh man! What are we gonna do?! Oh yeah, the “All New, All Different Marvel” is already in full-swing. Sorry. I forgot for a moment.

– When you visit the store on Wednesday you may find yourself thinking, “I can’t tell if that is a zombie or just an unwashed Plaza Midwood hipster” – either way, make sure she doesn’t get the last copy of Waking Dead issue #150 before you! It’s a big deal. Unhand that comic, you zombie freak!
Anyway, as you can see, this week is a fatty!
All are welcome to enjoy the one thing that unites all ages and walks! I’ll be the zombie-freak-unhipster drooling over the first issue of Agents of Shield.


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We recorded a great little interview with Mike Zeck while he was in town for his signing. Check it out!


Exclusives available while supplies last at
Video by Matt Tyndall, Jere Thomas, and Erik Button



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We’ve been looking forward to this signing for years! We hope to see every fan of Captain America, Punisher, Black Suit Spider-Man, Secret Wars, Master of Kung Fu… well you get the picture! Mike has done them all! Bring your favorites and meet the artist!

We’ll have lots of copies of our HeroesCon variants of Mike’s IDW Artist’s Edition and Secret Wars #1

Let us know you’re coming and tell your friends on our Facebook event page!

Mike Zeck Cover AE_RE



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seth_staff_picksSETH’S PICK :: WEIRDWORLD #2: Trust me, I get it. Company wide events, crossovers, tie-ins, reboots, and the like can be frustrating, difficult to navigate, and time consuming to deal with whether you’re a fan, a retailer, or like me, both. Let’s face it, they’re not all going to be worth your time and money, but when there are so many being produced, a few will fall through the cracks and fail to get the attention they deserve. Thus, this Staff Pick.

On the surface, Weirdworld may appear as just another ripple in the flood of the Secret Wars Battleworld miniseries. The premise is simple enough, with a lesser known character, Arkon fighting to escape his titular locale, while an array of beastly/monstrous hordes attempt to kill and/or eat him. It’s so simple that in lesser hands, this comic would certainly remain inconsequential. weirdworld1

Fortunately for us, the creators bringing this story to life are Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo. Aaron remains one of the most reliable writers in comics, regardless of whether he’s writing his own creator owned Image books, or a Marvel series. Mike Del Mundo’s gorgeous art continues to impress, and is broadened here to include this series’ necessary fantasy elements. The creators also pull in lots of classic cult characters in this series, so if you’re a fan of Morgan le Fey, Man-Thing, the Lava Men, or Skull the Slayer, there’s even more to enjoy here. weirdworld2

This may be just another Marvel event miniseries, but it’s one of the most enjoyable I’ve read this year. Issue #1 hit shelves just a week or two before HeroesCon, and I read it early one morning after a late night of processing comics for the show. It was the perfect little slice of stand alone, easily accessible comics that we rarely see amid these large publishing events. If you skipped Weirdworld because you assumed that it isn’t worth your time, reconsider that decision and pick up the first two issues this week. Sometimes simple fantasy miniseries can be the most rewarding reads.




April 27, 2015 By: Justin Crouse Category: DISCUSS, Staff Picks

staff_picksjustin_staff_picksJUSTIN’S PICK :: MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS ACTIVITY BOOK FACSIMILE COLLECTION: (phew) Like most fans of my generation, I am a victim of nostalgia. No industry exploits that propensity quite like comic books. Alongside a cache of Silver Age treasures and unreliable TV reruns, Marvel/Mattel’s Secret Wars toy line was one of my earliest touchstones for the characters I grew to love. In anticipation of its Big Summer Event incarnation, Marvel is releasing this activity book facsimile collection. I don’t think I even had this as a kid, which makes owning it now even more imperative. ‘The specifics weren’t important,’ reads a particularly illuminating appendix in the trade paperback collection of the original Secret Wars series, ‘as long as it featured unique designs that could be made into toys, and as long as it was called “Secret Wars” – two words Mattel had found tested well with adolescent boys.’ Creepy as grown men dispassionately analyzing children may be, the marketing works: thirty years on, and I’m still buying this stuff. Score one for target demographics.



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