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Heroes Convention is not only one of the most recognizable names on the comics convention circuit, but has a well-deserved reputation as a convention that puts comics first, meaning aisles packed with fans looking for new comics and comic-related merchandise to check out. Our 2014 HeroesCon will be one of our biggest yet, and booth space is fully expected to sell out well in advance of the show. No space is reserved without payment in full: act now to reserve your space!



Includes 6' table, 2 chairs, and 2 passes. Great for a solo venture or a two-person team.

FOR ADDITIONAL SEATS above the allotment you receive with your purchased space(s), the cost is $50 per additional seat, up to a maximum of 1 additional person per Artists Alley Table. No exceptions--we want everyone to have the most pleasant and comfortable show they can, and overcrowded tables are the opposite of pleasant and comfortable.

NOTE that paid spaces in Artists Alley are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Unless you have other specific preferences, we will place tables beginning in the center of the area, moving outward. There is a space on the Artists Alley registration page where you can put seating preferences if you have them. We try as hard as we can to honor these, but obviously we cannot honor all of them, so thanks for your understanding! EXHIBITING IN ARTISTS ALLEY
Listed alphabetically by studio/first name. Names listed on the same line are sharing space.

Newest additions will appear here in red as they are added.
Updated June 16, 2014

LOCATIONS LISTED BELOW, preceded by "AA-", refer to tables located in Artists Alley. Locations still displaying as "XX-XX" have not been assigned yet. ALL LOCATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

To see the complete list of featured guests, click here.

2 Headed Monster Comics | AA-1305
Aaron Lambert
| AA-1422

Abby Howard | AA-36
Above Average Art | AA-1824
Action Lab Entertainment: Chad Cicconi | 662
Adventures In Pulp: Matthew Childers | AA-1326
Alejandro Bruzzese & Chris Pyrate | AA-714
Anderson Carman
| AA-122
Andre Joshua Smith | AA-106
Andrew Day | AA-312
Andy Hirsch | AA-1028
Anthony Summey & Jeremy Summey | AA-329
Arena Comics | AA-101-104, 116
Ashley Lanni & Genevieve Halton | AA-1823
A Study In Polish | AA-06
Atlas | AA-10
Batjeepster Rings & Things | BOOTH-1921
Beckadoodles The Art of Cute | AA-230
Ben Chaney | AA-118
Big City Comics Studio: Jeff Kaufman
| BOOTH-1920
Bill Meiggs | AA-211
Brandon Reese & Jason Crosby| AA-315
Brett Brooks & Phil Chalker | AA-1912
Brett Marcus Cook
| AA-526
Brian Schirmer | AA-325
Briar Patch Comix | AA-52
Bridgit Connell | AA-1426
Brittany Heiner & Eric Glover | AA-46
Camilo Ruiz | AA-1526
Cara McGee | AA-724
Carter Johnson | AA-229
Catherine Holt Photography | AA-62
Catie Donnelly & Jordan Witt| AA-727
Cat's Eye | AA-20
Charmed Occasions Jewelry | AA-07
Chase Bowman | AA-1225
Christian Sager & Kelly Williams | AA-1424
Christian St. Pierre | AA-1623
Christine Brunson & Tim Showers | AA-2011
Christopher Bradberry & Johnny Townsend | AA-228
Christopher Herndon | AA-228
Cole Drewes | AA-220 Granov, Clay Mann | AA-201-204, 216
Comic Relief Original Art & Prints | AA-09
Committed Comics | AA-53
Cory Evan Laub | AA-1821
Cory Godbey | AA-1513
Cullen Gardepe, Mittie Paul, & Nancy Olivo | AA-47
Crazylot Productions, LLC | AA-37
Cuddly Curiosities | AA-45
Damon Bowie | AA-124
Dan Rhett | AA-34
Daniel Govar | AA-1512
Daniel Leister | AA-1726
Danger Entertainment | AA-119
David Howard & Gabi San | AA-1928
Devin Smith | AA-1806
Dimitri Walker
| AA-226
Doctor Fantastic | AA-321
Edward Whatley & Travis M. Holyfield | AA-1822
Ed Eargle & Emili Heidemann | AA-326
Elizabeth Enright, A. C. Zamudio, Carlos Nicolas Zamudio | AA-725
El Lion | AA-29
Emily Erdman & Chris Malone | AA-723
Emma Pham
| AA-49
Eric McConnell | AA-1820
EC Steiner | AA-1423
Erica Henderson | AA-1014
Erin Gladstone | AA-726
Erroll Rich Jr. & Michelle Perez | AA-927
Eryk Donovan | AA-323
Eugene Commodore | AA-1628
Faded Parchment Publishing
| AA-12
Faith & Fandom | AA-27
Fantastic Visions Design | AA-08
Fantastical Fancies | AA-44
FRANK Comics | AA-31-32
Gabriel Dunston | AA-622
Ghost Cat Jewelry | AA-120
Gillian Newland & Brian Hoang | AA-224-225
Grand Comics Database | BOOTH-201
Gray Gunter
| AA-1723
The Greatest Dane | AA-1327
Greg Cravens | AA-528
Haoqian Wen | AA-1829
Handmade Stuffs
| AA-39-40
Hap Lee | AA-2030
Hard Coal Studios
| AA-1921
Hero Squares | AA-24
Heroic Effort Crafts | AA-05
Hiveworks Comics | AA-527
Hootenanny | AA-328
Hoyt Silva | AA-1325
Iconograph | AA-1223
Independant Art Machine: Adelso Corona | AA-1825-1826
Inner Geek Designs | AA-16
Interrobang Studios: Kevin Bolk | AA-48
Jack Turnbull | AA-43
Jamel Jones | AA-2015
James Dormer | AA-1911
Jamie Jones | AA-2013
Jamie Haram | AA-21
Jared Forbes & Christina Savino | AA-1923
Jason Basden | AA-14-15
Jason Flowers | AA-1626
Jason McLellan & Bryan Fowler | AA-2012
Jeeyon/Ariela | AA-56
Jeff Lonnett | AA-227
Jeannie Harmon & Kiara Williams | AA-623
jellykoe | AA-214
Jen Mercer | AA-2014
Jennifer Strubell | AA-105
Jerale Clebourne, Lee Davis, Micah Acord | AA-206
Jeremy Treece & Lisa Treece | AA-1624
Jeremy Lawson & Adam Del Re | AA-1025
Jesse Thomas | AA-426
J.M. Dragunas | AA-424
Joe Everson | AA-123
John Johnston | AA-222
Jordan Neves / Ziah Grace | AA-17
Joseph Cooper | AA-914
Joseph Freistuhler | AA-223
Jorge Santiago & Crystal Jayme | AA-1621
Justin Peterson | AA-215
Kid Domino | AA-1727
Kristy Kuechenmeister & Jon Grasseschi | AA-23
Kyle Starks | AA-1027
Laura Rasmussen & Matthew Sparks | AA-22
Laura Truxillo | AA-1913
Lea Faske & Gerardo Alba | AA-2017
LeckyDesigns | AA-107
Little Petal | AA-35
Logan Childress | AA-1924
Lost Story Studios: Brockton McKinney, Bo Fader, Larkin Ford | AA-1425
Luke Foster and Keith W. Cunningham | AA-57
Madeline Rupert & Taylor Carilli | AA-621
ManOrMonster? Studios & Battle Babies | AA-30
Maria Gomez & Morgan Huneycutt | AA-327
Mark Wright | AA-1622
Mary Mae Smith | AA-28
Mason Dickerson | AA-209
Matt Johnson | AA-625
Matthew Pritchett &  Charles Iner | AA-1922
Max Currie & Brian Prince | AA-1722
Melody Ledford, Sage Coffey and Lisa Tolbert | AA-218
Michael Publishing | AA-322
Mike Rooth | AA-1927
Morgan Beem & Jorge Corona | AA-1830
Morgan Sawyer & Josh Scappaticci | AA-425
Moses Nester & David Stoll | AA-1413
Monochrome | AA-1427
Monroe Art Studio | AA-1725
Monster Enterprises: Bryan Mon, Merrill Hagan | AA-624
Musetap | AA-1925-1926
New-Bold Creations | AA-1827
Nicholas Valente | AA-221
Niko Rabah | AA-113
Odd Truth Inc. | AA-525
Only Human Comic | AA-2026
Offbeat Artist Collective | AA-1828
Pat Loika & Megan Porch | AA-825
Patrick Thomas Parnell | AA-59
PopCycled Baubles | AA-25-26
Pretty Weird Art | AA-13
Problematic Publishing | AA-524
Rachel Caudill | AA-208
Randall Trang & Jordan Gibson | AA-1414
Randyl Bishop | AA-1915
Raz City Studios | AA-61
Rebel Star Studios: Atwon Wally McNair & Colby Ziglar | AA-1627
Redline Comics | AA-317
Rhiannon Owens | AA-1818
Richard Cox | AA-1819
Robert Retiano | AA-2029
Robot Wonderboy | AA-826
Rodney Bennett  | AA-2028
Rumble and Roar Wandmakers  | AA-117
Sajad Shah | AA-1817
Salamander Studio | AA-423
Sarah Dill | AA-1126
Sarah Stern & Leah Troller | AA-1620
Savy Lim & Aaron Hazouri | AA-205
Scott Sosebee | AA-11
Scott Blair | AA-1724
Serena Guerra | AA-324
Shane Pierce | AA-709
Shawn McCauley & Seth Talley | AA-626
Shea Standefer Art & Costume Design | AA- 41
Show Me Comics | AA-1222
Space-Gun Studios: Jake Ekiss, Vinh-Luan Luu, Ruby Boiko | AA-1917-1919
Spinnerette | AA-1920
Spoke Lane Entertainment | AA-2027
Star Power
| AA-210
Stephen Green & Corin Howell | AA-722
Steve Howard
| AA-60
Steven Oaks | AA-1914
Strafe Evenly | AA-55
Studio Fizzy | AA-33
Surreality | AA-313-314
Sweet Geek | AA-217
Tom Kelly | AA-1625
Tom King | AA-806
Tony Moy | AA-42
Travis Earls & Brian Wolf | AA-207
Travis Tutterow | AA-213
Twisted Wire | AA-58
Uko Smith | AA-1420
Wayward Raven Media | AA-54
The  Wellkeeper: Valerie Stern, Derrick Fish | AA-50-51
Wesley James | AA-212
Wickedly Unique | AA-121
Yale Stewart | AA-830
Yunfan Zhou | AA-320
Zac Atkinson | AA-1415