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Heroes Convention is not only one of the most recognizable names on the comics convention circuit, but has a well-deserved reputation as a convention that puts comics first, meaning aisles packed with fans looking for new comics and comic-related merchandise to check out. Our 2015 HeroesCon will be one of our biggest yet, and booth space is fully expected to sell out well in advance of the show. No space is reserved without payment in full: act now to reserve your space!



Includes 6' table, 2 chairs, and 2 passes. Great for a solo venture or a two-person team.

FOR ADDITIONAL SEATS above the allotment you receive with your purchased space(s), the cost is $50 per additional seat, up to a maximum of 1 additional person per Artists Alley Table. No exceptions--we want everyone to have the most pleasant and comfortable show they can, and overcrowded tables are the opposite of pleasant and comfortable.

NOTE that paid spaces in Artists Alley are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Unless you have other specific preferences, we will place tables beginning in the center of the area, moving outward. There is a space on the Artists Alley registration page where you can put seating preferences if you have them. We try as hard as we can to honor these, but obviously we cannot honor all of them, so thanks for your understanding!

Listed alphabetically by studio/last name. Names listed on the same line are sharing space.

Newest additions will appear here in red as they are added.
Latest update May 5, 2015

LOCATIONS LISTED BELOW, preceded by "AA-", refer to tables located in Artists Alley. Locations have not been assigned yet. ALL LOCATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

To see the complete list of featured guests, click here.

Accessories by Saya | AA-
AdamMaleBlog | AA-
Justin Adcock | AA-
Addison's Jewelry & Design | AA-
Always April | AA-
Artful Sunshine | AA-
Atomsplit | AA-
Javier Avila | AA-
A Wave Blue World | AA-
Russell Badgett | AA-
Matari Bain | AA-
Arthur Ball | AA-
Basement City Productions | AA-
Battle Babies Toy Art | AA-
Bear Butt Comix | AA-
Morgan Beem, Jorge Corona | AA-
Bee Tee Dee | AA-
Andy Bennett | AA-
Ryan Best | AA-
Jason Bienvenu | AA-
Randyl Bishop | AA-
Blackhole Comics | AA-
Blue Jay Stuffs | AA-
Amanda Boucher, Alicia Boucher | AA-
Damon Bowie | AA-
Angela Boyle | AA-
John Brehm & Tyler Pennington | AA-
Kate Bresnahan | AA-
Briar Patch Comix | AA-
Mark Haven Britt | AA-
Matt Brooks | AA-
Steve Bryant | AA-
Tom Carlton | AA-
David Carr | AA-
Cat’s Eye | AA-
Logan Childress | AA-
Paul Choate | AA-
Chroma Coma | AA-
Jerale Clebourne & Lee Davis & Micah Accord | AA-
Club 408 Graphics | AA-
Sage Coffey Rachel Ordway | AA-
Colorworld Books | AA-
Comics Alternative Podcast | AA-
Comic Sketch Art | AA-
ComiXed | AA-
Eugene Commodore | AA-
Conjoined Comics | AA-
Brett Marcus Cook | AA-
Bernie Cooke | AA-
Kennedy Cooke-Garza | AA-
Rebecca Cooper | AA-
Richard Cox | AA-
Crass Fed Kids, Flying Pork Productions, Loophole Comics | AA-
Creature Entertainment | AA-
Rachel Crisp | AA-
Meg Daunting | AA-
Daxiong | AA-
Day of the Doodles | AA-
Joe DellaGatta | AA-
Stephen Delorme | AA-
Gregory Dickens | AA-
Sarah Dill & Kieran Thompson | AA-
Divine Authority Comics | AA-
Doctor Fantastic | AA-
Catie Donnelly & Jordan Witt | AA-
Eryk Donovan | AA-
Sean Dove & Dave Scheidt | AA-
J.M. Dragunas | AA-
Cole Drews | AA-
Michael Locoduck Duron | AA-
Ed Eargle | AA-
Felipe Echevarria | AA-
Levi Erickson & Ryan Paul Holgersen | AA-
Joe Everson | AA-
Eyeball Productions | AA-
Genevieve FT | AA-
Faith and Fandom | AA-
Fantastical Fancies | AA-
Fantastic Visions Design | AA
George Farmer | AA-
Fast Bones Comics | AA-
Jordan Fitch-Mooney | AA-
Jason Flowers | AA-
Fluffmonger | AA-
Scott Fogg & Marc Thomas | AA-
Luke Foster &  Keith W. Cunningham | AA-
Forge Enterprises | AA-
Billy Fowler | AA-
FRANK Comics Daniel French | AA-
Nechama Frier | AA-
Cullen Gardepe & Nancy Olivo | AA-
Victoria Gedvillas & Boardinker | AA-
Giared Terrelli Design | AA-
Jordan Gibson | AA-
Erin Gladstone | AA-
GNOSIS Comics | AA-
Daniel Govar | AA-
Barry and Jenni Gregory | AA-
Serena Guerra | AA-
Elio Guevara | AA-
Gray Gunter | AA-
Handmade Stuffs | AA-
Andy Hartmann & Cory Gelnett | AA-
Aaron Hazouri | AA-
Heads Up Studios | AA-
Heroes Haven | AA-
Heroic Effort Crafts | AA-
Jen Hickman | AA-
Bill Holbrook | AA-
Brian Hollins | AA-
Catherine Holt Photography | AA-
Josh Hood | AA-
Steve Howard | AA-
Corin Howell & Stephen Green | AA-
Josh Hoye & Ashley Lanni | AA-
Christine Humiston & Erin Humiston | AA-
Mitch Hyman | AA-
Inner Geek Designs | AA-
Stuart Jaffe | AA-
Jellykoe | AA-
Carter Johnson & Ellen Hutchinson | AA-
John Johnston | AA-
Jamel Jones | AA-
Kata Kane | AA-
Cassie Hart Kelly | AA-
Erin Kipps | AA-
Tony Kordos | AA-
Ariela Kristantina | AA-
Michael Kulick | AA-
Koury Layne | AA-
Jeremy Lawson & Adam Del Re | AA-
Melody Ledford and Lisa Tolbert | AA-
Ryan Lee | AA-
Meagan LeMay & Jenny Klis | AA-
Brian Level & Tamra Bonvillain | AA-
Lemonade Stand Aniamtion | AA-
Austin Light | AA-
Jeff Lonnett | AA-
Vinh-Luan Luu & Jake Ekiss | AA-
Steve Lydic | AA-
Andrew Lytle | AA-
majaNATION | AA-
Mako Fufu | AA-
Shawn McCauley | AA-
Eric McConnell | AA-
Kevin McCoy | AA-
Cara McGee | AA-
Chris McJunkin | AA-
Angela McKendrick | AA-
Ren McKinzie | AA-
wOlly McNair & Colby Ziglar | AA-
Clara Meath & Brittany Heiner | AA-
Mercenary Art Studio | AA-
Jen Mercer | AA-
Christy & Ryan Miller | AA-
Joni Miller & George Brooks | AA-
Ben Mirabelli | AA-
Bryan Mon | AA-
Don Monroe | AA-
Monsta | AA-
Ben Moriconi | AA-
Tony Moy | AA-
Michael Muller | AA-
MuseTap | AA-
Musings | AA-
Joey Navarra & Ashley Evans | AA-
Ninja Troll Digicast & Jonathan Reyes | AA-
Weston Notestine & Sebastian Jordan | AA-
Danielle Otrakji | AA-
Rhiannon Owens | AA-
Allen Panakal | AA-
Patrick Thomas Parnell | AA-
Mittie Paul | AA-
Peppermint Monster Press | AA-
Michelle Perez | AA-
Matthew Petz | AA-
Darin Cole Phillips & Max Dowdle | AA-
Mike Mez Phillips | AA-
Shane Pierce | AA-
Poop Office | AA-
Lyle Pollard | AA-
PopCycled Baubles | AA-
Pretty Weird Art | AA-
The Puppet Forge | AA-
Jordi Ramone | AA-
RatRonin Studios | AA-
Red Samurai Entertainment | AA-
Elizabeth Reeves | AA-
Jonathan Reincke | AA-
Remix Comics |AA-
Rob Retiano | AA-
Errol Rich Jr | AA-
Glen Richardson & Craig Bond | AA-
Rafer Roberts  & Monica Gallagher | AA-
Naomi Romero & Pablo Leon | AA-
Mike Rooth | AA-
Matthew Rosenberg | AA-
Ronald Rossmann & Britteny Stanton | AA-
K Michael Russell | AA-
Siddeeq Saafir | AA-
Christian Sager & Kelly Williams | AA-
Jorge Santiago Jr | AA-
Morgan Sawyer | AA-
Scairy Tales Noir | AA-
Scattered Pencil Society | AA-
Erica Schultz | AA-
Scifies | AA-
Brian Schirmer | AA-
Morgan O. Shay | AA-
Tim Shinn | AA-
TM Showers | AA-
Kaysha Siemens | AA-
SilverBax | AA-
Christine Skelly & John Cappello | AA-
Uko Smith | AA-
Nicky Soh,Kah Fai, Shum | AA-
Soul Bullet Entertainment | AA-
Spandex Splinters | AA-
Matthew & Lauren Sparks | AA-
Anthony Spay | AA-
Spirits: The Soul Collector | AA-
Squint Comics | AA-
Dean Stahl | AA-
Naomi Stanton-Gullak | AA-
Star Power| AA-
Stark Creations | AA-
Sarah Stern & Moses Nestor | AA-
Jason Sternitzky | AA-
Yale Stewart | AA-
SupergirlBatgirlRavager | AA-
Sweet Geek | AA-
Elizabeth Tecca | AA-
Nic ter Horst | AA-
Matt Terry &  Travis Lakeman | AA-
Jesse Thomas | AA-
Toxic Apples Studios  | AA-
Jenn Tran & Val Nunez | AA-
Randall Trang | AA-
Brian Traynor + Mary Mae Smith | AA-
Triad Comics Studios | AA-
Laura Truxillo | AA-
Jack Turnbull & Kim Moriarty | AA-
Maggie Venable & Brian Prince | AA-
Vile Media | AA-
Aaron Walther | AA-
Sean Wang | AA-
Gregbo Watson | AA-
Allison Weyda & Emily Thompson | AA-
Chris Wharton | AA-
John Wilkinson | AA-
Brittney Williams | AA-
Kiara Williams, Jeannie Harmon, Courtney Niskala, Allison Minsk, Desi Varsel
Javier Winnik | AA-
Matthew Wolf | AA-
Brian Woodward | AA-
Yunfan Zhou
| AA-