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Judd Winick did such a terrible job writing DC’s Titans and Green Arrow and Black Canary, I wasn’t expecting much of anything when I picked up the first issue of his run on Batman. Surprisingly, I was quite pleased with his short stint, which ended with the current issue 691.

The thing I dug most about Winick’s few issues on the book is that he really portrayed Nightwing as a competent professional who has what it takes to be Batman; honestly, I predicted Winick would do a “Roy Harper” on Mr. Grayson.

Sure, there were a few missteps — like the whole “I can’t operate with this heavy cape” crap. Dick has been Batman before and didn’t freak out over such issues — so why now?

Winick, however, made up for Dick’s uncharacteristic whining by illustrating the differences between the new Batman and the original. For example, Grayson — it was explained in this arc — does a better job at leaving behind evidence for police (since he was a cop before), is more acrobatic than Bruce and even (gasp) smiles from time to time. All these nods to Nightwing’s past have me thinking twice about Winick, who hasn’t exactly earned a rep for honoring continuity.

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